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  4th Avenue Jones
    4th Avenue Jones - Depend on God
  Anthony Evans
    Anthony Evans
  Article One
    Article One Intermotif
  Audio Adrenaline
    Audio Adrenaline - Leaving 99
  Ayiesha Woods
    Ayeisha Woods Intermotif
  B. Reith
    B. Reith - Rain Down
    B. Reith Intermotif
    BarlowGirl - Writing from the heart
  Bebo Norman
    Bebo Interview
  Britt Nicole
    Britt Nicole Intermotif
    Britt Speaks to the Broken
  Building 429
    Building 429 - Meeting with God Face to Face
  Caleb Rowden
    Caleb Rowden - Send Me
  Carl Cartee
    Carl Cartee - Needing God
  Casting Pearls
    Casting Pearls - Heaven
    Charmaine Intermotif
  Damien Horne
    Damien Horne Intermotif
  Daniel's Window
    Daniel's Window - Relevant
    DecembeRadio - Overcoming Depression
    Delirious - The Writing Process
    Downhere - God's Character
    Eleventyseven - MySpace
  Everyday Sunday
    Everyday Sunday - Love
  Falling Up
    Falling Up Intermotif
  Francesca Battistelli
    Francesca Batistelli Intermotif
  George Huff
    George Huff - Miracles
  Grand Prize
    Grand Prize - God's Plan
    Grits - Approaching others
    Grits - Identity
    Grits - Living Water
    Grits - Victory!
  Group 1 Crew
    Group 1 Crew Intermotif
  Hawk Nelson
    Hawk Nelson
  Ian Eskelin
    Ian Eskelin - Taboo
  Israel and New Breed
    Isreal Houghton
  Jaci Velasquez
    Jaci V - Premarital Sex
    Jaci V - Self Image
    Jaci V - True Love Waits
  Jackson Waters
    Jackson Waters - Moving Forward
  Jade Harrell
    Jade Intermotif
  Jars of Clay
    Jars of Clay - Failure
  Jeff Deyo
    Jeff Deyo Intermotif
  Jeremy Camp
    Jeremy Camp - An Example!
    Jeremy Camp - God's Faithfulness
  Jeremy Riddle
    Jeremy Riddle Intermotif
  Jimmy Needham
    Jimmy Needham Intermotif
  John Reuben
    John Reuben
  Jonny Diaz
    Jonny Diaz Intermotif
  Josh Wilson
    Josh Wilson Intermotif
  Joy Lippard
    Joy Lippard - Self-Image
  Joy Whitlock
    Joy Whitlock
  Kids in the Way
    Kids in the Way - We Are
    KJ-52 - Staying Pure
    KJ-52 - Transparency
    KJ52 - A Real Man
  Krystal Meyers
    K. Meyers
    Kutless - God's Love
    Kutless - Your Touch
  L. A. Symphony
    L.A. Symphony - Perseverance
    Leeland - Age Doesn't Matter
    Leeland Intermotif
    Lyrycyst Intermotif
    Manfest Keeps it Real
  Manic Drive
    Manic Drive Intermotif
  Mars Ill
    Mars Ill - Living Examples
  Mary Mary
    Mary Mary - Being Poor
    Mary Mary - Perspective
    Mary Mary- Beauty
  Matthew West
    Matthew West Intermotif
    Mercy Me Intermotif
  Michael Olson
    Michael Olson Intermotif
    Mike's Chair Intermotif
  Nate Huss
    Nate Huss on Being Adopted
  Nate Sallie
    Nate Sallie - Loving inside out
    Nevertheless - Knowing what you believe
  Our Hearts Hero
    Our Hearts Hero - Be Yourself
  Out of Eden
    Out of Eden - Another way
    Out of Eden - Faith
    Out of Eden - Insecurity
    Out of Eden - Modesty
  Paul Wright
    Paul Wright - Take A Stand
    Pettidee's Testimony
  Phil Joel
    Phil Joel - Changed
  Phillip LaRue
    Phillip LaRue - Faith In God!
    Pillar - 'Further' Video
  Plus One
    Plus One - Loneliness
  Rebecca St. James
    Rebecca St James - Expression of Your Love
    Red Intermotif
  Remedy Drive
    Remedy Drive
  Rush of Fools
    Rush Of Fools
    Ruth Intermotif
    Salvador Interview on Missions
  Sanctus Real
    Sanctus Real- "I'm Not Alright"
  Sarah Reeves
    Sarah Reeves Intermotif
    Seabird - Authenticity
    Sevenglory Says Make a Difference
  Seventh Day Slumber
    Seventh Day Slumber
  Shawn McDonald
    Shawn McDonald's Trip to Africa
    Skillet - Hearing from God
    Skillet - Live for Jesus
    Skillet - Sold Out
    Sonicflood- Relationship With God
  Soul P
    Soul P Intermotif
    Spur58- Sleepwalking Through Life
  Stellar Kart
    Stellar Kart on Reaching Out
  Stephanie Smith
    Stephanie Smith Intermotif
    Stephanie Smith- Broken Relationships
  Storyside: B
    Storyside B on Their Song "Miracle"
    Superchick in Their Time of Pain
    Switchfoot - Meant to Live Video
    T-Bone on "Can I Live" Video
  Tenth Avenue North
    Tenth Avenue North
  The Afters
    The Afters
  The Swift
    The Swift - Make You Known
  The Wrecking
    The Wrecking Intermotif
  This Beautiful Republic
    This Beautiful Republic
    Toby Mac - Boomin - Faith, Diversity, Struggling, and Caring
    Toby Mac - Faith Changes You
    Toby Mac - God Enables Diversity
    Toby Mac - Irene
    Toby Mac - Our Human Struggle
    Toby Mac - Thinking about Others
  Tree 63
    Tree 63 Intermotif
  Urban D
    Urban D
  Verbs (Formerly Knowdaverbs)
    Verbs - Mutal
  Vicky Beeching
    Vicky Beeching Intermotif
  Warren Barfield
    Warren Barfield - Watch His Interview
  Yellow Cavalier
    Yellow Cavalier
    Yellow Cavalier Intermotif
    ZOEgirl - Acceptance
Video Intermotiff
Building 429 - Meeting with God Face to Face
Building 429 - Meeting with God Face to Face
The whole thought process that we thought of, that the Lord gave us, was the people who are instantly changed forever in a moment were the people who met God face to face for themselves. ...read more
Hope Article
God's Purpose...Peace and Life
God's Purpose...Peace and Life
God loves you and wants you to know Him so He can fill you with peace and give you real life -- forever. ...read more
Hope Devotional
You’re not lacking opportunity or ability. What you’re lacking is the knowledge to uncover your opportunities ...read more
Music has always been a passion of mine. I grew up singing in choir and playing in bands. It became more serious in college when I transferred universities and began to study music full time. ...read more
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Nate Huss on Being Adopted
Nevertheless - Knowing what you believe
Spur58- Sleepwalking Through Life
Matthew West Intermotif
KJ-52 - Transparency
Group 1 Crew Intermotif
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