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My name is Rogelio Caicedo.

In my family, we are 4 brothers and I am the oldest.

I lived with my grandparents and my mother and I didnít have affection from a father Ö that closeness.

When I was 15, I got involved with some local gangs from the Curundu area in the city of Panama.

We were involved in theft, assault, drug dealing, and other serious things that brought harm to people.

I was incarcerated at the correctional facility for minors and other times I was imprisoned for illegal possession of weapons, for theft and other illicit cases. What I was looking for in gangs was acceptance, to feel strong, to feel like I had dominion over another person.

I looked for a way to stay above all the problems that surrounded me, but instead I got involved and was submerged into a world of evil and darkness.

I wanted to fill a void inside and I tried to do it with worldly pleasures and delights.

My experience with the Lord Jesus Christ happened precisely in this place, where I was heading to a meeting with my friends from my gang.

I didnít want to go through the back of the building. Instead, I decided to go by a more secure way, which is by the front where we are located. At the time, there was a man preaching the word of the Lord.

Due to the respect and reverence that I had for the things of God, I decided to stay at the corner of the building until the sermon was over.

What I felt in that moment was a desire to change. I wanted to be freed from this world and the erroneous life that I was living in Curundu.

When I said the prayer to the Lord, I asked him to change me and to do something that nobody else could do for me, to save me from everything that had been oppressing me.

God gave me a wife and a son who is now four. My life has been transformed each day by the Lord Jesus Christ.

For me, God is more than a God. He is a father that took me in his arms to show me his love in my life. These are not mere words, but Iím saying this because of what Iíve experienced and because of the transformation that has taken place in my life.

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