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Leeland Intermotif
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Leeland Intermotif

And, you know, itís hard to live the Christian life in reality, because at the end of the day, when youíre really obedient to God, it does alienate you from the world. You know what I mean? Itís the opposite way of the way the world thinks. Even Jesus spoke in opposites, I mean, the parables he spoke. He said, ďLove your enemiesĒ. He did crazy things like spitting in the mud and slopping it on the blind manís eye. You know, thatís some pretty weird stuff, and just -- it really -- it goes against the grain of culture. And so when Leeland brought the song Opposite Way to the table, we were just like, man, God just kind of put this passion in our hearts to raise up a new generation of worshippers that just arenít afraid about what the world thinks. So, thatís kind of the general message through the record.

Jesus loves you, and Heís got an awesome plan for your life. And youíre called to be a son and a daughter of God. The kingdom of heaven is at your fingertips, you know. For free. You get to receive a relationship with Jesus and dive in to everything that God has for your life and it costs nothing. All it costs is your life.

And so especially with this new record out, I guess one thing we really want to encourage is I think the Word of God says that, ďGod looks in the sons of man to see if there are any who seek Him and any who understand.Ē So, I just want to encourage, you to have a hunger for God. If you donít have it, pray that God will give you a hunger for Him. Cause we live in a world thatís setting a lot of standards and itís really setting the pace for us. But we want to encourage that itís okay to go the opposite way and itís okay to live for God, you know, and Godís looking for a new type of worshipper, thatíll give their whole life to Him.

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