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Britt Speaks to the Broken
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Britt Speaks to the Broken

I always say that my mission as an artist is to bring healing and restoration to broken people. And, although the record is really fun and exciting, I feel like there's a theme that there is hope for broken people. Even through the fun pop songs I still feel like that message is conveyed. There's a song called Believe. that's like a rock kind of pop up-tempo song, but it talks about uh asking God, you know, God, I want to believe in love again. Will you show me that love is real?

I feel like I come into contact with a lot of kids who are hurting and broken, and really just searching for something real. And a lot of times they feel like they're the only one that doesn't know what's going on in their life. You know, your teenage years you're kind of figuring who you are. You're figuring out what you believe. And I know for me, my spiritual walk was sometimes a roller coaster ride and it seemed like, you know, one day I was on fire for God and the next day I was struggling with temptation and struggling with things in my own life.

You know, you're going to walk through that. You're not alone. But remember that God is with you and that no matter where you've been, where you've come from, or even what mistakes you've made, God is faithful and He wants to use you for His kingdom.

One Cubed

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