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I think our message is mainly one of encouragement. And by that too itís sort of a bit of a blanket term. But we really want to go out and encourage people. We play mainly a lot of youth groups at this stage. And weíve met a lot people and theyíve been able to tell us about some of the things theyíre going through and, you know, us just being maybe a little older, weíve gone through a lot of the same things as them. And we all made it to the other side I guess you could say.

I find personally, a lot of times when I see Godís hand in my life itís in looking back. There have been a lot of times for me that Iíve had to make really big decisions and Iíve been praying about things and think, ďGod, would you just show yourself? Show me which way I have to go, which decision I have to make.Ē

I just try and say, look, I want to trustóIím going to trust in a God who has shown Himself through so many people in the Bible. I want to trust a God whoís shown Himself to me so many times. I want to trust a God whoís shown Himself to a lot of my friends, like our pastors at our church and all these guys with these crazy stories where God has shown His faithfulness in times where I donít understand why it happened. I canít explain it, but you know what? Iím going to believe that through all of that confusion, that weirdness, Iím still going to trust in a God who has shown Himself so many times.

If thereís one thing we can offer itís just to challenge these guys, yeah, itís okay, you can do it. Be strong, keep loving God, keep going through it and just be encouraged, because you guys can do it.

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