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Isreal Houghton
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Isreal Houghton

My parents were saved in like 1970 in the Jesus movement and, you know, they were hippies and drug addicts. They came to Christ. And that was 40 years ago. And I just believe that my generation has the ability to grab something and hand it to another generation with power. And what I want to say to this next generation coming up is-there’s a couple of things. One, I don’t believe as a whole they’ve rejected God, but I do believe to a large extent that they’ve rejected the God of their parents and the systems of their parents and the way church ought to be done. I think they’ve just completely stiff-armed that. And what I want to say to the young leaders of the next generation is what God has put in your heart, run with that. People around you will discourage it. You know, they’ll say, well, we don’t understand it and why do you have to have earrings and why are you tattooed, and all of that kind of stuff. And you know what? At some point that’s gotta come in one ear and out the other and what you gotta go is God, what do you have for me? What do you want me to be? And just equip me and empower me to do that and I’ll just do that. And what can never be argued is success. A tree is known by its fruit. So if you can get out there and just do what God has called you to do and God blesses it, people just have to let it be. And we’re watching that happen right now in great ways and I believe this up and coming generation is going to be the greatest generation in the Kingdom of God we’ve ever seen.

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