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Fighting for the salvation of millions of Europeans is what Andreas does best. Whether he's producing or hosting Christian television shows, leading worship, or pastoring the Gen Xer's, Andreas Kisslinger, host of CBN's music video show 1-Cubed can always be found sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. "My life's philosophy is to give it all for the cause of reaching people for Christ. 'He who loses his life for My sake, will find it! (Jesus Christ)" Kisslinger enthusiastically states.

And where does this passion come from? Andreas tells us his father, Gerhard Kisslinger, passed this gospel fervor on to Andreas when he was a small boy and remains as one of the most distinctly influential people in his life. Gerhard, saved as a hippie during the 'Jesus People' movement of the seventies, has always been a diehard in what he lived for. "He was radical before he was saved, and radical after he was saved. He completely gave up his life to serve God and entered full time ministry one year after he received Christ." says Andreas.

On the 1 Cubed set
"My father is an Evangelist and a Pastor, so I grew up behind the pulpit. I learned how to swim in the baptismal. While others were playing in the playground, I was praising God in the church. I would always take a stool and put it behind the pulpit and preach to an imaginary crowd. I knew that my relationship with God was personal and that I had to nurture this relationship. As I child, I realized the need to take time everyday with the Lord, no matter what that took, and His presence would fill the room. That presence was what I have always wanted." says Kisslinger.

A Living Reality
Stealing away as a child to preach to imaginary crowds proved to become a living reality in his adult life. After finishing a pastoral assignment of seven years in Innsbruck, Andreas now fills the office as director of the media ministry, Christian Media Productions (CMP), which was started by his father some 20 years ago in Vienna, Austria. The ministry airs weekly Christian television programs and radio programs on secular and Christian cable and satellite channels throughout Central Europe, ministering the Gospel of Jesus to the some 120 million German speaking Europeans. The ministry also operates the most influential Christian Internet portal in Austria.

Currently, CMP produces two shows, People Like You and I, a documentary/feature magazine, and co-produces a Christian MTV-style show with the Christian Broadcasting Network entitled 1-Cubed for Central Europe. "1-Cubed is a divine strategy, based on a divine calling to reach the youth. Music and television are, besides the Internet, the most powerful influences in our society. Combining them creates an unbelievable powerful transportation tool for the gospel. 1-Cubed is produced in a way even people in hyper-secularized Europe can receive," says Kisslinger.

Secular Competition
"In everything we produce, we have to keep up with the speed and standard of secular television, which makes it even more challenging to broadcast in these countries. There is no meaning in producing programs the channels will not air and we have much too little, almost nothing to reach the world. I believe 1-Cubed is one of the very few programs in the German language that has the potential of affecting a broad viewership for Christ," says Andreas.

What was once viewed by many as predominantly Christian, Central Europeans now stand as one of the most unreached people groups of our time. The German speaking population of Europe consists of 110 million people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein with approximately 10 million German speaking Europeans in the surrounding regions such as South Tyrol in northern Italy.

Generations of war, a humanistic educational system, and some outright hostility to Christian evangelism (even at the government level) have formed a tremendous spiritual vacuum leaving intact a dangerous post-modern, liberal mindset of pluralism. Today, Europe is packed with humanistic ideals and saturated with post-Christian ethics. Sadly, true Christianity is only a distant memory found in the ashes of noble reformations of times past. The Church establishment has become a museum piece testifying to the troubled religious times Europe has endured.

Lots of Religion
When commenting on the religious society of Europe Andreas had this to say, "Yes, we have a lot of religion, but religion never saved a single person's soul! The majority of people living in these countries have never heard the living, life changing gospel presented in a challenging way that would lead them to an understanding of Jesus Christ as their Savior. The spiritual status of Germany and Austria has led to this result. History tells us that whenever God touched the lives of individuals calling them to bring reformation, these people were either killed, had their work destroyed through counter-reformations, or fled into other surrounding countries."

In the face of Europe's dark spiritual reality, Andreas and many European Christians remain optimistic and stand poised in anticipation of a spiritual awakening. "God Himself is opening doors to communicate His message through the media. Today we have more church plants than in previous generations with a tremendous increase in the amount of people receiving Christ on a daily basis. The spiritual climate is changing. But we must continue to pray for the Lord of the Harvest to send workers into these European fields and be diligent in supporting the work of Jesus in Europe. Much of Europe is still poor in spirit and needs us desperately to continue with this work. We know it's not by power, nor by might, but by His Spirit that Europe will see an awakening!" says Kisslinger.

By Lisa Miosi

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Filming in Vienna

Vienna, Austria