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One of the things I’ve been recently excited about is this organization called Compassion that we’ve just teamed up with, and through just sharing with teens that are just a few years younger than us and the way they’re receiving it and giving my little testimony of how I got involved with it.

I grew up in a Christian church, nothing fantastic or crazy happened in my life. It was just a very suburban life in Canada. And so I got into the state where I was crazy comfortable with my Christian walk and was just going through motions and I was even in a Christian rock band and I found that the lyrics in my songs were speaking way louder than my actions and that was something that was actually lacking in my Christian walk. And so through a crazy series of events, all of a sudden I found myself looking at Compassion and I was a broke 19-year-old kid. I didn’t have a car or anything crazy, and I looked at my bank account, because God was kind of tugging at me for this, and I got $360 in my bank account. It was the first time that I actually made a sacrifice, and that action was my new version of what Christ did. He sacrificed His whole life. He lived 30 years on earth and then died for us at the end. I thought, well, it’s time that I make a little version of that sacrifice and so it was a financial thing, but ever since I took that leap of faith, God has actually blessed me- not by giving me money, He didn’t give me a thousand fold or anything, but He did something even greater, He was like, “Shawn, I’m gonna put you on stage and give you the opportunity to actually share what you went through and, through your little testimony more kids will get sponsored.” And it’s been crazy how that whole story took place.

It’s been really encouraging seeing young lives get changed. We’ve actually seen a lot of teenagers, young people, even as young as six years old come right up to the front and actually, sponsor a child. And that’s so incredibly moving and encouraging to see that young people are making a move like that, making a stand like that. And we just want to encourage that more and that’s why we’re so proud that we’ve teamed up with Compassion.

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