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Mike's Chair Intermotif

“Let The Waters Rise” kind of came from an experience in our lives when it feels like a lot of things are kind of coming down on us and things aren’t going right and life isn’t shaping up like you thought it would. And in those times it’s when we need to look at our faith and we need to put the rubber to the road and act on our faith and follow God no matter what. So that’s what “Let The Waters Rise” is for us.

One of the biggest things we’d say is stay in community. We can’t express how important it is to surround yourself with people that are encouraging, that are edifying that, that challenge you, that sharpen you, that point you in the right direction. We know life is hard, especially for people our age and teenagers. But it’s worth the risk, staying the course is absolutely worth the risk even when sometimes there’s doubt or there’s fear or whatever. Hold on, because it’s worth it.

I definitely think one thing that we’ve been doing that I think is helping us is getting involved in your local church because going to church is not just about us. And a lot of times we’re like, “Well I don’t want to be at this church because of this or that.” Sometimes you’ve just got to commit and you say, “I’m going to go to this church and I’m going to dedicate and I’m going to volunteer in a place where God has blessed me with skills.” And I think doing that gets you involved with community and gets your heart right and thinking about other people, because a lot of times we get caught up with the little problems that we have – and sometimes they’re big problems, but it can help us to get our minds off of it and serving the Lord just definitely helps.

Another thing is just stay in prayer about everything. And that is the one thing when it seems like all hope is lost and there’s no one you can turn to, you can always turn to God and you can always ask Him and He listens. And He may not answer you immediately, but He’s listening and He’s got a plan for you and just know that you have a resource to help you in times of need.

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