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The Wrecking
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The Wrecking

Weíre very passionate about being abolitionists with music. We view it as an opportunity to be a voice for the voiceless. We work with organizations like International Justice Mission, Love 146, Child Voice International, and Invisible Children, because there are 27 million slaves in the world today, more than ever in history.

Most of the people caught in this predicament are children trapped in the sex trade. When we learned of this it just made us sick, and really felt responsible to act and to try to use music as a platform to make people aware and get people involved.

I firmly believe that inside of our generation we can see an end to human trafficking in the world. I donít believe the problem is insurmountable and I believe a lot of times thatís kind of a cop-out that we in the West would say, ďOh, well, itís terrible that this happens but we canít possibly rescue all these kidsĒ. Well, one at a time they are being rescued.

Love 146 runs safe homes for people who have been abused. And in these safe homes they have proof that there is healing in Christ and that there is hope from any circumstance, there is hope, because the children that are in these homes have been through stuff that I cannot imagine, but Iíve heard the stories of people, young kids who end up in these homes and are presented with the truth that God loves them and that they are precious and that they are important and that they have value. And thatís something that can change anything and it can heal anything.

Our goal is to really use music as a weapon, to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, that as Godís people we would lead this fight.

We talk about our weapon is music and other people have their weapons. And thereís not a person that doesnít have a weapon. Everybody has a weapon.

We have a responsibility to act. So whatever our gift is, whatever our talent is, whatever our voice is to make that a voice for the voiceless, to give that to God and see people freed. And itís happening.

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