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Yellow Cavalier Intermotif
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Yellow Cavalier Intermotif

The band is a ministry, thatís really how we look at it. Itís not an ambition. Before anything else, itís a ministry in every aspect of it from people that we meet day to day all the way up until the people who are listening to the music at their house, we donít even know theyíre paying attention. So every person that we come in contact with, whether personally or on that level, we want to minister to. The rock star thing is not even a thought. It doesnít even matter, really. If we werenít a part of it, we would be behind it just as much. If we were part of the background, if thatís what God wanted from us, thatís what we would do. But this is just what Heís called us to do.

Our producer and I did most of the song writing and our Christian perspective is congruent throughout the whole record. Anything that comes out of us is God oriented and driven. So that aspect of it has definitely come in through the message and even the lyrics that youíll see. I mean specific to our first single ďGive it All To YouĒ it just says, ďThereís nothing more to say, nothing more to do, no reason I should wait to give it all to You.Ē And for right now for us giving everything to Him means weíre sitting on this couch talking to you. So thatís the application of the music. Its us doing this right now. So itís a privilege, weíre all stoked to do it. I donít want to make it sound like a sacrifice or a burden. Weíre very privileged to be able to do this, but we still look at it as something that weíre called to do.

I love DC Talk. Iím such a fan. And then watching them live, Toby Mack is still one of the greatest live performers. To follow that model, theyíve really got it. They believed in what they were saying and they wanted to present that. And they didnít sit behind an instrument or play this or this guy play this or that or that, they just all performing and were just selling the lyric. And thatís kind of what it looks like to see Yellow Cavalier live as well. Nobody is out in front all the time and nobody is behind an instrument all the time, weíre just there and it just kind of comes in and out.

We really want to be a very personal band, we really want to be personal with our fans and talk to them face to face as much as we possibly can and stuff like that. So itís really a mission of ours.

We tell the kids go to My Space, Facebook, look us up and we can talk to you guys a lot about whatís going on in your lives: struggles, verses, any of that stuff. So I think itís cool in this day and age you can just get on You Tube and Facebook and blog and talk and have that communication with somebody. And thatís really cool for fans like that.

Weíre just doing, what we feel is the calling that God has place on our life specific to right now. We all believe that God has plans for each and every individual that walks the earth. And what weíve done is just really prayerfully consider what Heíll have for us. And in this time Heís brought us to this point where He wants us to be in this band called Yellow Cavalier putting out a message of purpose for other people and hoping that they buy into the same purpose-driven mentality.

God has created each individual with a plan, something that He wants them to attain. And itís not about them. Thatís something that every person but specifically every believer has to come to realize is that itís not about us, itís about God. And that purpose is not about us, that purpose is about God. And thatís why we feel so privileged that that purpose has brought us to do music. Thatís what we love and I believe that God does that as well. But, you know, they also have a plan, whoever they are, Godís got something thatís amazing that He wants them to accomplish for His glory. And thatís the only way you find fulfillment and true happiness is in that. We were created for that so trying to do anything but that is going to lead to misery. And to be able to really have somebody get a hold of that and grasp that, I mean we would be purposeful if we could implant that in somebody else.

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