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Are You Hooked?
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Are You Hooked?
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Are You Hooked?

If youíre wondering whether youíre hooked on pornography, answer the following questions honestly:

1. Do your family or friends say you spend too much time on the Internet?

2. (Particularly for women:) Do you find your greatest source of emotional intimacy in Internet chat rooms?

3. Do you stare at or flirt with people other than your spouse, or fantasize about people such as actors or actresses, lingerie models, joggers on the beach, etc.?

4. Do you regularly look at pornographic magazines, movies, or websites?

5. Do you masturbate while doing any of the above?

6. Do your sexual fantasies and activities draw you away from your spouse, your family, and God?

7. Do you lie about your activities or hide them from your family?

8. Do your sexual fantasies and activities cause you shame or depression?

9. Have you had phone sex or an extramarital affair, or visited prostitutes, strip clubs, or massage parlors?

10. Have you vowed to stop, only to give in the next time temptation arises?

Saying "Yes" to any questions, especially numbers 3 through 10, may indicate that pornography has some power over your life. But take courage! With Godís help, you can win a resounding victory over sexual temptation!

Source: CBN.com

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