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Remedy Drive
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Remedy Drive

I donít want to ignore the fact that weíre in some desperate times right now. Thereís wars, thereís fires on the coast, they just had an earthquake in Illinois of all places, and when I read the Word, I donít read that itís going to get much better. Bono says, ďWhy is it so dark before the morning, why so much pain before a child is born?Ē.

And we wrote this jam together, we're a piano-based band. And we tried to find a home for this jam in a song. And right around the time my baby girl was born, about 5 months ago, these three were touring without me. But Iím at home waiting for my child to be born, and my wifeís been in labor for 24 hours, and itís midnight, and then itís 1 oíclock, then itís 2 o'clock, and itís a pretty nice hospital in that weíre right Ė thereís a lake and then right out there the sun started rising, and itís around 7 in the morning, you know. And I was thinking, hey, hold on, daylight is coming to break the dawn, daylight is coming. So when everything Iím counting on is disappearing, remember what Iím hoping in, you know, there is something really great on the way.

So the analogy of, you know, of a child being born, there is a Kingdom coming, and I hear itís going to rip the sky open like a scroll. And thatís something thatís exciting. So thatís the story of Daylight. You know, I want people to be excited about living for something more than the American dream, something more than rock music, more than suburban dreams and success and career and all-all of that I think we tend to put our hope in rock music sometimes. Rock music is gonna let me down. You know, my SUVís going to let me down.

My picket fence, my mortgage and our IPODs, these are just, itís just stuff. So, we like to ask the question, what are we hoping in? Are we hoping in something thatís going to last, are we hoping in something permanent, something substantial, something meaningful? And I know thereís value, and I know thereís meaning in life. And I know itís not Ė itís not going to be found in what I own. Thatís not going to validate my existence. So thatís probably the biggest thing. What are we Ė letís-letís find something to hope in. Letís find something real, letís find something substantial.

Remedy Drive

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