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Anthony Evans
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Anthony Evans

When it comes to being broken and understanding that God can heal you, the only words of wisdom and these words come from me experientially. It comes from me understanding the concept that in our hurt, in our heartbreak, God can use those pieces to put together a beautiful picture.

Its kind of random, but I recently decided that I got a home and decided, you know what, Im going to make it look pretty, Im going to get rid of the plastic cups and the mix-match furniture and all that you know? So I decided Im going to hire a friend of mine to help me because I dont know how to do it. So she helped me out. I came home from a weekend where she, you know, re-did the whole house and uh there was this beautiful mirror hanging on one of the walls. It was beautiful and like patchwork almost.

And I asked where she got it from and, long story short, she got it from this man who I ended up meeting who takes garbage and makes beautiful pieces of art out of it. Like he was a trash collector and when he told me that I was just like, What, did I pay you for that? You know, I kind of went through that a little bit but uh when he told me that I thought, man, that is what God does with our junk. Like to me it looks like junk. And we all have this guy keeps trash in his backyard and I thought, man, we all have piles of trash in the backyards of our lives. And to me it to us, it looks like trash but to this guy that trash looked like a masterpiece, and he made it into that.

And when people come to my house, they dont notice all the new stuff that I bought. They all gravitate toward that mirror. And I get to tell them the story about a man that I met that took junk and made into something beautiful. And I that story is Im always reminded of that story in my life because God can take our brokenness and our junk and do something beautiful with it.

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