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Nicole C. Mullen
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Nicole C. Mullen

One Touch -- actually I wrote that on my balcony, under the stars, just singing it to whoever would listen that’s out there, the birds and hopefully a couple of angels, and the Lord. And it’s really from the premise of the woman in the Bible, who was ostracized from society, she had an issue of blood. And according to the scripture, she had gone from doctor to doctor and she sought to be healed, and there’s no healing to be found from them. She had spent all the money that she had. She wasn’t allowed to mingle with the common people, so she was deemed and just unworthy, you know. And so, she had heard about the rabbi and the person of Jesus, that He was coming her way. And so she said to herself, “If I could just touch, just the hem of His garment, that’s enough to make me whole.”

And she didn’t have the courage to face Him face-to-face. She only had enough to wiggle her way through the crowd. And so that afternoon she pressed through the madness and the distractions and she took courage, because she could have been stoned for being out there. But she just had the heart of “this is my healing, my healing lies in Him and I’m gonna get my touch.” And so, that afternoon she did exactly that and Jesus stopped once He felt that virtue had left his body, healing. And He said, “Who touched me?” And she was embarrassed, she was frightened, so she went down low and she told Him her story. And He told her, instead of embarrassing her to the crowd, instead of saying, “How dare you! Stone her!” He said, “Daughter, your faith has made you whole.” And so my challenge to other people is regardless of what your issue is, you know, you may not have an issue of blood, you may have an issue of shame or despair or depression or loneliness. Whatever your issue is, Jesus Christ is still available to touch us and for us to touch Him. And in doing so, He is able to make us whole. And so, that’s what One Touch is all about.

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