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Seabird - Authenticity
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Seabird - Authenticity

We are who we are, you know. Itís just like any other job that Iíve ever had, like what we do is kind of tent making. Like we do what we do as kind of provision, you know, to pay our bills and to support our families, but it allows us to do what God wants us to do, you know. He doesnít call every person to be a preacher, you know, and everyone to lead Bible studies and start churches. But we feel like we just want to be like as authentic as we can weíre all trying to like run after God like with our whole hearts like every day, and be more like Him as we can. But, you know, like if God called us to, you know, to preach from the stage or, you know, to write more Christian songs, or He gave us that ability then we would, but thatís not what Heís given us, what Heís gifted us with at all. So for us, yeah, itís just no different than any other job. Like everyone, you know, goes to work every day, you know, Christians go to work every day and do their thing but they donít always, you know, have a Christian job, you know. So, I mean, I kind of feel like the only thing that should really be called Christian anyway is like, is people, you know. Thereís too much of like labeling things Christian these days, you know, because like Christian means to be like Christ, and really the only thing that can be that is a person anyway.

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