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Jeremy Riddle Intermotif
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Jeremy Riddle Intermotif

I grew up in a Christian family at home. I have a large family. I have six brothers and sisters, seven altogether, including myself, and my parents were incredible, incredible men and women of God. I mean, they just – left a profound impression upon me. But there’s always, you know, trying to figure out what’s you, what’s your parents, it’s always an interesting time, and I don’t think I truly understood what it meant to walk with the Lord. I mean, I was saved when I was eight years old, “saved”, if you want to call it that. I went forward. I was at the First Baptist Church and a deacon led me to the Lord. So I was really saved, you know. But after that I was just trying to figure out what it means to walk with God.

Dreams were like the biggest thing to me. Dreams, passions, things that I wanted to be about, things that I wanted my life to be about.

These things were huge. And if you were to ask me honestly, I think I wanted to serve God. I wanted to be about what He was about, and yet I really wanted what I wanted, too. And so for a while I tried to make the two work. You know, like, “Okay, God, I’m gonna do what I want to do, but at the same time I’m gonna try and include you.” And it took a long time to figure out that that wasn’t going to work with Him, and that there was a higher calling on my life, and He wanted to bring me to the point of complete and total surrender to Him. And it’s much like the story of Abraham, and it’s a very confusing process where Isaac was God’s promise to Abraham. And yet the very thing that was promised to Abraham, God asked him to give up, to sacrifice, literally.

I just knew that God wanted me to give my life completely over to Him, and once I did that, there was no guarantee that I was ever going to do music again. There was no guarantee that I was ever going to play anything again. And I was serving in junior high and someone asked me to do worship. And that was kind of like the bottom, the lowest rung for me. I mean I really was at rock bottom. And I said, “you know, whatever, I’ll do it”. And it was just through simple acts of service, and a life of brokenness, being completely surrendered, saying, “God, for the first time in my life, whatever it is that you really want for my life is what I want.” And it wasn’t until I reached that point that He really began to bear any fruit in my life.

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