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Jade Intermotif
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Jade Intermotif

Project SOS is an organization back home, it teaches abstinence until marriage. And how I got started with that, I was doing an event, well, they had an event and they asked me to come be the entertainment. And so I was like, ďCool, letís do it.Ē I came out and after I performed they were just like, ďWow, we see something in you and we want you to come work with us, be a part of our team.Ē And it came at a perfect point in my life because I was about 15 or 16, and thatís when I really started -- I mean, Iíve always been saved, but thatís when I really started to get to know God on the level where it was really deep. And it just came at a point in my life where I didnít really think much about abstinence, but I knew that you were supposed to wait until youíre married to have sex. And, just working there, it opened my eyes to so many things, and it created a new passion for me, which is for young people, to let them know, especially girls like me, ďYou donít have to give up your body to fit in, not at all. Because Iím 19 years old, Iím still a virgin, and look what Iím doing.Ē

Itís never too late, and this is what I like to say, ďItís not about being a virgin or not being a virgin, itís about purityĒ. And as long as you hold yourself to your past and you never forgive yourself, thatís only gonna allow other people to come in and put you down. You have to forgive yourself, Ďcause you the decisions you make now is what matters the most. And thatís gonna set you into your future. As long as youíre staying in the past, youíre never gonna go anywhere, youíre always gonna be in that mindset. Youíre not damaged goods. I think of it like this, David did some stuff, King David was off the chain, but God still used him. And God will use anybody He chooses. And you cannot let people hold you down because of a mistake you made in the past. Itís never too late, never.

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