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Jonny Diaz Intermotif
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Jonny Diaz Intermotif

My new album is called Stand For You. And when I write for a record, I really try and kind of write a lot of different kind of styles because I get bored with records pretty easily. So on the record thereís straight up pop stuff, thereís more heavy stuff and then thereís even a song that almost sounds like a little bit of a reggae, Jack Johnson type of song. But lyrically, itís also kind of a little bit all over the map, but thereís a theme throughout it which is ĎStand For Youí, which is basically my declaration that Iím gonna stand for truth, no matter what the worldís doing, no matter how much our culture and our society wants to water Jesus down, Iím gonna stand for what it is He really said and what it is He really stood for.

You know, it wasnít until later in my life that I really decided who it was that I was going to serve and who I was going to spend my time serving. And hopefully I can encourage youth of all ages to make that decision earlier, that Iím gonna serve the God, Jesus Christ the Lord, with my life. And when it comes to other people and pleasing them, itís not as important as what my beliefs are.

So, thatís what I mean by this album is a call to boldness, to say, you know what, whether itís popular or not, whether itís pretty or not, that Iím gonna stand for the truth of what Godís Word says.

One thing Iíve learned from my wife and through spending time with different student groups of all ages is that females have this innate longing to feel beautiful. And males we have our things as well, but thatís one thing Iíve learned about females.

Unfortunately, our culture in our society kind of dictates what beauty really is and they do it in such a false way through magazines and TV ads and things like that. And so I just wanted to write a song from a young maleís perspective, just one guy, saying, you know what, there could never be a more beautiful you.

And it says that, ďYou were made to fill a purpose that only you could do.Ē And so, I just want to convince these young girls, and females of all ages, that God created them exactly like they are for a purpose, and therefore He couldnít have done it better.

One Cubed!

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