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Charmaine Intermotif
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Charmaine Intermotif

I think writing music, writing lyrics, I think most people want to hear some sort of very romantic and just this is the way it works out and itís just magical. Sometimes it takes just tears and sweat. Sometimes itís weeks for me working on a lyric or a song. But usually with me the stuff has come out the most, the easiest I should say, have been just my personal experiences and putting that into a nutshell and into a song.

ďTug of WarĒ is a very personal song. I was kind of hesitant. I had the idea written down and, I wrote it with two other guys, David Mullen and Jamie Moore. And I was hesitant to show it to them because I thought, is this too clichť, or is this too deep. Like is this too much in peopleís faces or in my face, or whatever. And they saw the idea, they saw the lyrics that I jotted down, and they were like, ďNo, letís do this.Ē So we really hashed into it then, about this whole struggle thatís inside of us. And I firmly believe that unless youíre walking with God continually, the struggle is never gonna go away. And thereís nothing that you can do about it. And thatís what I kind of hit my head against the wall consistently because I thought there was something that I could do about it, and I could fix this side wanting to do good and then this side not desiring the good so much. And I, and I realized that itís impossible, absolutely impossible. All I can do, like in the lyric of the song it says, ďI just need somebody to carry me.Ē Thatís all I can do, just give it to God and let Him deal with this tug of war inside of me.

I think I have a lot of expectations, and I think to myself that I have to spend hours on end spending time with God. And with the routine, and having to write, and going on the road, it can get a bit difficult to make and find that balance. But I realize that I donít need to have any sort of expectation. I canít because whatever expectation Iíll have Iíll probably end up failing. All that I can do, and this is what I have to keep reminding myself, is just to spend a little bit of time with Him. Whether it be 10 or 15 minutes.

If thereís one thing that I could tell you, or whoever is watching, it would be to stop worrying, to stop trying, to just let it go. Every struggle, every problem, every issue that might be in your life, in your reality, God sees it, and He is able to take care of it. And the sins, and the kind of ideal sort of Christian that you see yourself being, let that picture go. Just walk with Him, and Heíll be wherever you are, where youíre at. And I really want people to get that and see that, because a whole lot of guilt just falls away, a whole lot of issues, because they donít have to deal with that any more. Thatís the beauty of it. Itís a gift. Youíve just got to open it

One Cubed!

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