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Britt Nicole Intermotif
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Britt Nicole Intermotif

Hey, whatís up. Iím Britt Nicole and youíre in the studio with me for the recording of my new album.

Iím working with several different producers this time, which is different from the last record. Itís going to be beat driven and a lot of programming. This one will be a little more broken down where you can hear the lyric more, hear the story of the song, I guess a little more focused on the vocal and on the beat versus the guitars and tracks and tons of different things going on. It will be similar to the last record in that there will definitely be ballads. Thereís the fun pop songs, thereís the more acoustic, mid-tempo songs as well, so itís going to be diverse like the last record.

Iíve done a lot of writing, which the writing process went great, got a lot of great songs that Iím really excited about. Itís just been a little bit more slow coming than the last record. Getting everything together with the different producers and me and our schedules and being on the road and everything, but I think itís gonna pay off. Itís gonna be a good record. So Iím excited about it

Okay, so right now weíre in the lounge. This is where we hang out, eat, sleep.

These are the drums where Josh plays. Josh in there working, youíll meet him in a little bit, but heís playing drums on the record a lot.

This is the grand piano. This is actually where Iíve written several songs. Thereís two songs on the record that Iíve written from this piano. I love this piano, thereís a lot of inspiration that comes to me from this room.

The writing process for me is different for each song. Sometimes I start with a lyric, sometimes I start with a melody, sometimes I start with the music. For me as an artist, I want to be honest in my songs. I wanna write about things that Iím dealing with, things that Iím struggling with in my life or even things that are going great in my life. When I sit down to write, I want to write my heart and I feel like in that, people can relate. So the process is definitely different

This is the mic that I sing on a lot, the white mic. A lot of times I sing on that mic too. I really like the way this one sounds though. Iíll be working on ĎSafeí later on today, and youíll get to hear some of that song.

Iím going to take you in here now to meet Robert Marvin and Josh Crosby, and theyíre both working on the record. Working on one of the songs thatís called, ĎWelcome to the Showí.

This is Robert Marvin and this is Joshua Crosby, and theyíre both working on record right now. Working on, ĎWelcome to the Showí

My song ďSafe,Ē which is going to be a big song on this record and I feel like itís a song that is really close to my heart. As I said before, I like to write songs that are personal, that are honest and this song is about believing in love. As far as where I was in my life, on the last record, I was really struggling just to even believe in love, like the song ďBelieveĒ and I had a song called ďDonít Worry NowĒ which is about my parents divorce, watching them go through that really made me struggle with really believing in love.

But ďSafeĒ is a song about God coming into my life and beginning to crush and break all the walls that Iíve built up over time. And it basically says that, ďeven love is not always safe, that itís worth the risk.Ē And I think itís a song thatís going to relate to a lot of people because we all want to be loved. Itís something that we all ant in our life and a lot of times, because of things we go through in life, whether itís something in our family or something in our own marriages or with friends, we can build up walls where we really let our heart become hard towards love and towards people. But whatís so awesome is that God in his power and his strength and in His love, He can come in and break all of that and show you that love is an amazing thing and that itís definitely worth the risk. Thatís what the song, ďSafeĒ is about.

Alright, well thatís pretty much the studio. Thank you guys for coming and hanging out with me. Iím Britt Nicole and Iíll see you next time.

One Cubed!

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