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Robbie Seay Band Band Bio
  • Robbie Seay
  • Dan Hamilton
  • Ryan Owens
  • Chase Jenkins


Sure this is a departure from protocol. Thatís what i told them. There are professionals out there for this sort of thing, folks that can actually make us sound like decent human beings. However, i somehow hired myself for the job: to pen our inaugural band bio. Iím the Robbie Seay portion of the Robbie Seay band, pretty tricky i know. Countless hours of soul searching for a good old fashioned band name produced nothing. My God given name + band is where we landed. We should have done better. Yet here we are. After many years of making music, traveling in toyota corollas and buses, playing for thousands and groups of 12, and making albums (some pretty good and some pretty bad), itís good to be alive. Itís good to be making music. Itís good to have you join us in this dialogue of life, love, grace and the things that give us breath and a new day. Houston is home for us. The 4 of us came here on different trains though. Dan from California, Taylor from Dallas, and Ryan and I showed up on this earth via Houston rooting for the Astros immediately. I love these guys because they have a voice with something honest to say. They have talent and yet have perspective on what it is we do. Its just music. Sure, some of the things that come out of the music are of great significance. People find hope. Some find some solace. Others stumble upon a journey of faith they had no idea they were on. Those things are amazing and yet have very little to do with us as a band. So at the end of the day, its just music and we love it - so we do it. RSB songs have origin. They have a birthplace of sorts. For us, our community in Houston creates intersections at every corner of who we are. Our church is called Ecclesia, which is greek and weird to say so pronounce it at your discretion. Our music fights its way to the surface here through struggle, shared meals, conversation, communion, family and by way of pastors and friends. Thatís where I want us to go together as we engage one another in music and discussion. Life is not meant to be lived alone, and so weíll all be messed up and grateful here, changed and alive together. We get a lot of feedback about the RSB sound. What exactly that is,i have no idea. I do know that whatever that turns out to be, we arrived there as a band by complete accident. The four of us have have our own journeys of musical influence. Travis, the Police, Stevie Wonder, Bill Mallonee and all the great Texas musicians that we grew up on. Yet somehow we found ourselves on a rock and roll landscape with Britain on one end, Texas on the other, and many stops in between.

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