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Anthony Evans Band Bio
  • The Bridge
  • Letting Go
  • Even More

Even More


"What makes Anthony's music incredible is his voice. What makes his ministry incredible is his heart. What makes his message incredible is his walk with the Lord."—Franklin Graham Those kinds of statements aren't made lightly. They don't come without merit. In Anthony Evans' case, these words couldn't ring more true. It's not every day that a new talent emerges with as much promise and inspiration as this Dallas, Texas native. Yet, Anthony Evans never thought he'd be here. He couldn't have forecasted this future had he been asked to do so just a few years ago. With that said, the June 8th, 2004 release of his inspiring INO Records debut, Even More, is an accomplishment for which he takes very little credit. "I realize now that God has orchestrated everything," says Anthony. "Sometimes we don't see it, but He's painting this whole picture for us as long as we allow Him to do it. I had come to the place where I could listen to Him say, 'Anthony, just trust Me.' "God has taken me out of my comfortable Christian environment and through this, I've realized I can't stand on my own. Without God as the focal point of my life, everything was and is pointless. I still can't fathom the depth of His unconditional love for me and that God accepts me just as I am. Each song on Even More captures a dimension of this experience and how it has affected my life." With music always in the Evans' house, Anthony deems it an honor to have been exposed to a plethora of musical flavors. From Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith to Comissioned, Andre' Crouch and The Winans, these genres helped Anthony develop his own unique style. "It was a challenge to get the right balance of styles that represented my experience in Christian music," Anthony explains. "We worked hard at making sure the record was an accurate reflection of who I am musically and lyrically. Stylistically, there's something for everyone. Even More encompasses many of the influences that I grew up enjoying and is a reflection on how these styles have characterized my music and my life." Growing up singing, Anthony's musical history took a more serious turn during his college years as part of Liberty University's Sounds of Liberty, followed by a two-year stint as a vocalist with TRUTH. Anthony has also traveled with his father, Dr. Tony Evans, renowned pastor, author, and speaker, performing more than 50 solo dates a year at some of the nation's largest churches and conferences, including a recent performance in front of President Bush, who spoke at an event to celebrate Dr. Evans' Project Turn Around initiative at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas. Recently as a background vocalist for good friend and gospel music sensation Kirk Franklin, Anthony began to gain a new understanding of the music industry. His performances with Kirk, including "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," "Soul Train," and appearances on the Grammy, Stellar and Dove Award telecasts have become invaluable learning experiences. Born and raised in Dallas as the third of four children, 25-year-old Anthony grew up in an entire family of great achievers. His mom, Lois (who has a doctorate of her own), is the executive vice president of The Urban Alternative. He has three siblings - his sister Chrystal is an accountant and mother of three while Priscilla is a writer with Moody Press and Lifeway, traveling the country speaking at events with Anne Graham Lotz, Liz Curtis Higgs, Kay Arthur, among numerous others. Younger brother Jonathan is a celebrated football player for Baylor University. Still living today in the same house they've had since Anthony was three, Dr. and Mrs. Evans raised a strong, close-knit family, which has created an unbinding family legacy. Anthony has watched his parents' ministry grow exponentially over the past 25 years. Dr. Tony Evans is also founder and president of the internationally syndicated radio and television program "The Urban Alternative" and senior pastor of the more than 7,000-member Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Dr. Evans is also a regular speaker at Promise Keepers events and at conferences around the world. Highly regarded in evangelical circles, Dr. Evans was the first African-American to graduate with a doctoral degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. "I'm so proud of my family and my heritage," Anthony shares. "It's not just one fact or principal that I've learned from my parents; they've given me a whole blueprint of what it means to be faithful. They've taught me so much about loving God with my life." Now, as he embarks on a new season with a brand new album of his own, Anthony knows his journey has helped him develop into a man who takes his faith seriously, and who clearly sees his vision before him. "This record is about God restoring the joy of my salvation-being at that place of walking with Him step by step, day by day. I just want to consistently be able to give back to Him the glory and honor He's worthy of." Anthony concludes, "If I tried my hardest to plan this myself, I know I wouldn't have been able to do on my own what God has done in my life over the past year. He has made it so I can't take any of the credit. The Lord has stripped me down with His grace and mercy, and now I know this is and will always be…all about Him." Source: INO Records

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