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I am Joel Sikha AKA Mr. Bones, born on the 30th of April 1983. That's right, I missed fools day with a good 29 days to spare... But folks think that it got the better of me... : )

I've lived 24 full years to the fullest being a DJ, a tattoo artist and a Radio Jockey. Now, those are jobs you wouldn't wanna take a day off from!

I've got a lotta tattoos myself... the one that covers my left sleeve is the best and I like it a lot coz of the message it carries. It reads "NO MAN HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE ME BUT GOD" with the face of a clown (me) and a cross (God) and it also reads OUTLAW which kinda reminds me that no matter how many your good deeds, we are still outlaws and need forgiveness.

And when I do have the time, I like going off on a long ride on my motorcycle. Being a musician myself, I listen to lotta music. The kinda music I listen to totally depends on my mood.

Hosting 1 Cubed is KooL, yea! I think it's a super way to reach out to dudes out there, and encourage youth to stand up for what they believe... Hope our message of "hope" goes out to all da nation and changes dudes of our generation...

Nationality: Indian

Favorite music: Almost all kinds

Favorite sport: hmmmm does video games come under this category?

Favorite TV show: The Simpsons

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