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Carried Away Band Bio
  • Pam
  • Christine
  • Tyler
  • Closer to You
  • I want you

Closer to You


A brand new look at…CARRIED AWAY Sometimes the most unpredictable occurrences can result in the most rewarding artistic breakthroughs, which certainly applies to Canada’s favorite Christian pop exports Carried Away. After opening for the likes of Casting Crowns and Avalon, along with appearances at several Women of Faith conferences and Jump5’s prominent farewell tour, audiences across the globe have fallen in love with the spiritually centered threesome. While the group continues as a trio led by cousins Pam Walker and Christine Prankard, its freshest face just so happens to be a guy who’s a multi-instrumentalist and seamless harmony vocalist named Tyler Seidenberg. “In June, Colleen came to us and said she really felt like her time in Carried Away was finished and God was calling her to move onto other dreams,” explains Pam of her sister’s departure. “At first it was quite a shock to us, but surprisingly, Christine and I had such a peace that we weren’t worried or concerned. God still had us involved in this ministry and we even went out as a twosome for a little while before we brought anyone else into the mix.” Perhaps that comfort was God’s way of confirming Carried Away’s calling, coupled with prospects of a new member popping up shortly thereafter the dynamic shift. Pam and Christine just so happened to attend the same home church as fellow Canadian native Tyler and they quickly became friends without even realizing one another’s musical backgrounds. But after hanging out at a handful of young adult prayer groups, not only were the girls’ pursuits reveled, but Tyler also divulged his background as a piano player, singer and songwriter with loads of studio and touring experience. “I’ve been playing piano for as long as I can remember and I actually recorded an album when I was 12 with a lot of classical compositions,” he recalls. “When I was a teenager, I performed with God Rocks on tour, which is basically like Veggie Tales but with a cast of rocks that play in a rock band promoting the message that ‘God Rocks.’ I performed in shows on stage for about three and a half years and also appeared on the Saturday morning series, which was part live and part cartoon. From there, I studied music courses on all ends of the spectrum at the University of California and then came back home to finish my general education courses.” Fellow early twenty-somethings Pam and Christine can relate to a homecoming of sorts after setting up shop in Nashville during their tenure on the Jump5 tour. Though both parties loved those music cities so to speak, each felt a pulling on their heartstrings to return home, which soon became a clear component of their God ordained paths. “When we first approached Tyler, he thought we wanted him in more of a sound and production role, but we laughed and said ‘no, we actually we want you to join the group,’” offers Christine, referencing the previous all girl dynamic. “He’s honestly such a phenomenal musician and singer who stepped into the role of piano player and harmony vocalist, which is truly a perfect match.” As Carried Away’s exposure continues to escalate, so do their level of performances, which currently include a significant spread of Brio events for teen girls (put on by Focus on the Family). In fact, one of those outings was the first testing ground for this fresh collaboration and the audience didn’t just accept the new incarnation, but rapturously responded to re-arranged versions of familiar favorites from 2004’s Closer To You and 2007’s I Want You. “When we first started practicing the material, we threw in several little changes that might lend to a song or make them more interesting in concert,” exclaims Tyler. “And now that we’re on the road, we’re finding these different arrangements and live acoustic versions are getting people really excited, especially those who already own the CDs are looking for some variety at a show.” Of course, new material is also on the horizon for the three singers and players, though they plan to start the release flow with a Yuletide single called “More Like Christmas.” The cut will be available to fans later this fall and will start an annual tradition of cutting a holiday track (which will eventually be compiled into a full blown collection). From there, Carried Away confirms a full-time trip to the studio, with a new full-length project scheduled for the front half of 2009. “We are still keeping a lot of three part harmonies, but it will obviously sound a little different now that there are two girls and a guy in the mix,” notices Pam. “But there’s going to be some changes vocally and we’re finding the sound going in a more acoustic guitar and keyboard dominated direction.” Even amidst all these productive changes within the Carried Away camp, there’s still one element that’s remains exactly the same and that’s an unabashed Biblical message. Outside of being evident in the songs, those anchors of faith also appear on stage and throughout individual interactions with fans, the latter of which particularly brings the listening experience full circle. “We want to encourage our generation to get more out of life and get to a point where they want nothing else in this world but Jesus,” Christine concludes. “Even if you’ve grown up in church, we want you to reach that individual decision, while we want to also help others who are hearing that message for the first time to know there’s nothing more important than your relationship with Him.”

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