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Adie Band Bio
  • Don't Wait


While she's a little shy when you first meet her and the kind of person who's happier to simply blend into the background, Adie certainly wasn't afraid to rock as the frontwoman for The Benjamin Gate. With her spiky red hair, seemingly never-ending energy and the insatiable charisma that couldn't help but draw an audience in, Adie was one of Christian rock's most captivating performers. Even though the group called it quits in 2003, Adie's passion for communicating her faith through music hasn't wavered, which is particularly remarkable these days when she's busier than ever as a wife and mother to two young daughters, Isabella and Arianne, who are both under the age of two. And if she wasn't ambitious enough, she's also recently opened a hip new clothing store in her small Indiana hometown. Despite her hectic schedule, however, Adie couldn't shake the itch to make her first solo album, but kept it a secret initially. “After The Benjamin Gate broke up, I was so ready to move on, get married and just enjoy life with my husband,” Adie says. “So Jeremy and I never spoke about me making music. Then probably a year ago, it popped into my mind that ‘Wow, I'd like to do a solo album,' but I thought ‘I'm not going to say anything.'” “Then a few days later Jeremy said out of the blue, ‘Honey, I think it would be really cool if you did a solo album,' and I thought ‘Are you kidding me?' because, of course, I was thinking the same thing.” Shortly after their collective epiphany, Adie and Jeremy Camp, who've been married for nearly three years, began writing songs for her solo debut, Don't Wait . With their experiences as recording artists and the couple's innate ability to be honest with each other about what works and what doesn't stylistically, Adie says she couldn't have asked for a better working situation. Ultimately, it's the couple's personal and professional camaraderie, along with Adie's expressive voice that makes Don't Wait such a unique and compelling offering. With a sound akin to singer/songwriter Butterfly Boucher and the more electronic pop approach of Frou Frou, Don't Wait is a seasoned, more introspective departure from Adie's more aggressive rock roots in The Benjamin Gate. “The Benjamin Gate was all about pushing boundaries and being aggressive, basically no holding back,” Adie recalls. “But this album fits me so much better. It's been amazing to have this kind of freedom in making the project I really wanted to make, even though it's been scary stepping out on my own without the band guys.” Thematically speaking, Don't Wait 's just as multi-faceted as it tackles everything from maintaining an eternal perspective on life (“Don't Wait”), to relying on God—even in our weakest moments (“Sufficient), to a new understanding and appreciation of God's grace (“What Have I Done?). “It has actually been nearly three years since I have written anything musically—so it has been a great time of waiting for me. I feel like my relationship with the Lord has become so much more solid, and I feel like I've grown a lot,” Adie confesses. “More than just enjoying music and singing, however, I wanted to use this opportunity to share what Jesus has done in my life and all the things he has shown me in His word. I always write from my walk with the Lord. If I think of all the things I could share with someone, a song to encourage them to draw closer to Jesus is what will last in eternity, and so that's what I want my songs to be about.” In the process of making the album, Adie says she also felt a new resolve against spiritual complacency and a renewed desire to truly make every day count. “I've been a Christian for a long time, and it's easy to get into a comfortable routine,” Adie confesses. “In Revelation, it speaks about not losing your first love. And I think the Lord has really been challenging me not to just be faithful in taking time for devotions each day but to be a person who really desires to spend time with Jesus and not compromise.” To get in the right frame of mind for her upcoming tour with Jeremy, Adie's been leading worship at a women's Bible study at her church, something that reminds her why she's on stage in the first place. “It helps me to regain focus as opposed to thinking of singing being a performance,” Adie adds. “It is really just an affirmation of music being a tool to worship the Lord.” But even with that realization, Adie still can't help but feel a little nervous about playing in front of a crowd again. “Honestly, I'm petrified,” Adie confesses. “ I can't think about it too much because my palms start getting clammy. But I know it'll be fine when it all happens. Above all, I love being on the road, and I'm excited to be able to share a whole new chapter of things that have taken place—being married to a strong, godly husband, having two sweet little girls and everything the Lord has done in my life and all that he continues to do with the people I play for.”

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