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V3 Band Bio
  • LaToya
  • Shelley
  • Sacha
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  • V3


V3 are three young women whove got something going on. Something major and memorable, and perfectly made for this moment in time. From smooth R&B grooves, to slammin hip-hop and gorgeous ballads, sisters LaToya, Sacha and Shelley Vinson have delivered one of the years most striking self titled albums, poised to explode from one end of the radio dial to the other. With an ear to the street, and eyes always focused on their higher calling, V3 delivers a message of relevance and urgency. And V3 the album is a profound journey into that rare, anointed place where entertainment, inspiration and worship meet in perfect harmony, and the natural intersection of Gospel and contemporary R&B. Raised in Atlanta, the children of a pastor/father, and a mother who was a professional singer, songwriter and recording artist, the sisters grew up singing under their mothers careful tutelage, and guided by the spiritual teachings and example set for them by their dad. V3s musical influences lean heavily toward the progressive Gospel acts of their youthCommissioned, the Clark Sisters, BeBe & CeCe Winans, and Andrae Crouch, among othersas they fuse the inspirations of their mentors with cutting-edge, 21st-century sensibilities to create a sound both exciting and entirely their own. With LaToya and Sacha both co-writing a number of the albums songsand receiving the perfect production touch from artist/producer, Antonio, and Josiah Bell & Robert Marvinbetter known as Double Dutch the album packs a lyrical power every bit the equal of its formidable musical punch. I Need You, the first single from the album, is a stirring ballad and a showcase for V3s rich, in-the-blood, family vocal blend. The person in this song is at a place where they really want to open up their heart, and reveal all thats inside of them to God, but are afraid He might not love them if they do, says Shelley. Thats powerful to me, because sometimes the hardest thing to do is just be honest with God about where you are in life. And even though He already knows, what He really wants is for you to open up and tell Him, and acknowledge you need Him. Ive been there, and I think a lot of people have. Lets Take It puts a tough, hip-hop edge on a mighty funk groove. That was written by Debbie Winans, and it ministered to me in a personal, powerful way, Sacha says. Ive experienced depression, lonelinessfear in my life. The song talks about taking back by force what the enemy has stolen from youyour joy, your peaceand not accepting anything less. Weve worked with a lot of kids who were fighting depressiondrug addictionserious issues. And serious issues demand a serious response. Irreplaceable, co-written by LaToya, Shelley and Antonio, is in a smooth, jazzy pocket thats instantly cool and catchywith a rap by Shelley that could give her brother rappers a serious run for their money. Being preachers kids, there was always a certain sense of protection for us growing up, says LaToya. But you can only live off your mothers and fathers prayers for so long. You grow older, and you have to have your own personal testimony that you can share with someone else. Through my own trials and tribulations, I found my own relationship with the Lord. The song is just telling him that He is irreplaceable. There is nobody like Him in the world. Ive put my trust, at one time or another it seems, in almost everything and everybody, but there is nobody that compares to Him. With the album is set for a summer release, V3 is embarking on what promises to be a long and exciting journey; and with their compass and course clearly set. A lot of people shy away from church and the Gospel, because they think they are going to be judged, or put down, or preached to, says Shelley, and they dont want to hear that. They just want you to be real with them. And thats exactly where we are coming from. We are just being realwho we areand not afraid to admit we have the same struggles as anybody. We want to entertain people, and show them that theres no contradiction in enjoying yourself and also being a Christian, she concludes. Were just people, like everyone else, and were not perfect at all; but you dont have to be perfect in order to receive Gods love. Our greatest purpose is just to love people as much as we can, and try to live the kinds of lives where others can really see His love through us. Thats why we are here. We want to let our light shine wherever we go.

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