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Hello, Iím Stefan and this is my World.

I had a good childhood until my parents got divorced. After that I escaped as often as possible to my friends and did all kinds of stupid things. I demolished parked cars, burned things, put rocks on railway tracks, which is very dangerous, and did shoplifting, just to get high.

As a teenager, my life became even more extreme. I joined a group that listened to heavy metal, they believed in the devil, had parties with drugs, alcohol, and sex. I let my hair grow, wore only black cloth and started to pray to Satan, I gave him my soul. I cursed people, who really got sick afterwards or tried to commit suicide. I lived with the motto hate everything and everybody, most of all God and yourself. And so I tried everything to destroy myself, smoked hashish, took LSD, cocaine, speed, ecstasy, and drank a lot of alcohol.

One Evening as I, together with some Satanists, had again taken a lot of drugs and alcohol, I nearly died. My heart stopped beating and I knew this was the time when the devil was asking for my soul. I saw my whole life in front of me, like a movie. And I realized that night that love was the only thing that gave me motivation and a will to live. But I knew that the love I had was not enough. Just in that moment, a soft voice spoke to my thoughts. Jesus is the one who can give you the love that you need In my situation, I wanted to have that love above everything else, and it came. I canít remember anything else that happened that night, only that I woke up the next morning, and I was alive. The whole room was filled with light, warmth, and love, and I was so thankful to God in my heart that I was still alive.

The following weeks I became free of occultism and drugs. But, you know, the best of all is that He forgave my sins. For twelve years now I have experienced Jesus daily and I follow him. He satisfies my hunger for love, for meaning and action, much more than the high I was always looking for.

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