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Hey my name is Alex, and today you will get to know a little about my world. Come with me!

I am Brazilian and I live in Minas Gerais at Belo Horizonte city. My story with God started when I was around three years old and my parents accepted Christ. They started going to an evangelic church, and because of that, I started to go with them. I went to church every week, studied the bible... time passed, and at the school I was studying, I found out that there was not only the evangelical world. There were other things too. These things made me want to leave church, but one day someone told me that if I didn't go to church, I was going to burn in a place called hell! But nothing was enough to hold me there, and when I was 12 years old I was introduced to two things that changed my life… Drugs and sex.

I was introduced to marijuana and I started to smoke, which was followed by sex and lots of rock n'roll. I became too ashamed to go to church and was too intimidated to speak to God, and I started to turn from Him. I just gave up. Every time I tried to go back to church, I couldn’t. I lived intensely on parties and I was very crazy and so, with all that, I couldn't go to church, I couldn’t read the Bible, and I couldn’t have a relationship with God. I felt so guilty, and thought I was incapable of walking with Jesus.

One day I started to work on a TV station as a music show host, interviewing the most famous bands in Brazil. Imagine... In a small town, hosting a show that had high ratings, it became even more difficult to go back to a relationship with God because what the world was offering was very tempting. I got even more involved with women and everything. I couldn’t live without drugs, without parties, without woman, without sex…

Well, at a certain point in my life... All the parties and everything stopped making sense. I was still sad and realized that this was not going to bring me happiness, or peace. I decided to go to a church next to my work, next to the network I was working for, and when I got to the youth service, suddenly, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit very strongly. I felt God hugging me, with lots of love. And I asked myself, how it is possible, after I have messed up so many times, how can I still be so loved? I realized that the minimum I could do at the end was love Him back.

I started a new life, and my values started to change. I started to realize that nothing in this life is more important than walking with God, and loving Him. And then.... Watching again the old tapes of the show that I used to host, I could see that I had a gift, a talent which was to communicate with people.

I now host a show called Balaio. A show that talks about Jesus to young people. I’ve been doing the show for 4 ½ years now, and....I see that God chose the last person that would deserve to host this show. He put a great responsibility on my shoulders, a great fear, and this was what helped me to hold onto Him and to walk in His ways. My goal today is to show you that it is very cool to live with Jesus and to live in holiness. That it is possible!

Some time ago I would never think that this could happen. I had a crazy life! I don't know what your talent is, but God knows your life and wants to use you in your home, your school, wherever you can make a difference. Not taking people to a religion, but to this Jesus that is so nice, so friendly and so sensational. God bless your life!

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