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The Power of Modesty
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The Power of Modesty

The Source Of The Power

Modesty? A source of great power? Yes! Modesty is the source of this delicate yet formidable power, making it a power in and of itself. It's delicate because it can be so innocently given away without your even knowing it. It's formidable, or difficult to deal with or control because once you've mastered it, no man will be given access to the full secrets behind your allure until you so desire.

Immodesty removes the obstacles and invites any passing guy to desire you in his mind. It's a cheap thrill requiring no investment on his part. It offers him the power of your body at his control. He is motivated by lust.

Modesty protects the true secrets of your body for one man, requiring him to invest into your life in order to one day enjoy your allure. It invites a guy to earn your virtue. Finding love this way is a long and slow process, and it often seems like it will never happen. That's part of what makes it so sweet. Proverbs 13:19 (NIV) says, "a longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul." It is the waiting that makes it so precious and that invites him to work to earn your heart.

Is That Really What God Intended?

Was it God's plan to have us "try" this guy and then that one like you might a new cosmetic line that advertises, "Try us for 30 days free!"? Is it possible that God had something else in mind? Let's get to the heart of being a woman, says Dannah.

God originally created woman to complete ... fulfill ... finish man. In Genesis 2, God surveys His fine creation and finds everything just right. He uses the word good. Everything gets this label, with one exception. He says in verse 18 (NIV), "It is not good for the man to be alone." God could've easily filled that void in Adam. He didn't. Instead, He crafted a masterpiece - woman! You are a masterpiece. You have been given all of the power of a masterpiece that is worthy of every glance you receive. And ever since Eve, guys have been glancing.

Beauty and fashion aren't condemned by the Christian faith. On the contrary, beauty seems to be nearly synonymous with God's glory. In the book of Revelation, God is described in undeniable splendor. Things we consider to be beautiful seemed to adorn Him. John's vision of heaven, Revelation 4:3, says that God sat on His throne, and He was so amazingly beautiful that the writer said He "had the appearance of jasper. ... A rainbow, resembling an emerald, encircled the throne." I think it's only fitting that we, created in His image, strive to express ourselves through beauty as well.

Living The Life

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