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BarlowGirl - Writing from the heart
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BarlowGirl - Writing from the heart

Honestly, for us, God really put on our hearts that He has-- He wants us to share, you know, what He has taught us with, you know, with our generation. And for us we just wanted to go to the depths of our hearts and like, okay God, what have You have been teaching us? What have we struggled in? What do what us to speak to Your children? What hope do You want us to bring them? What truth do You want us to bring them?

We donít write another song just to write another song, we donít just want to write like you know a song just about you know, how our day was. Well, you could but, I mean we want to write somethingís like okay, someoneís going through a hard time. How can we affect them right now?

Itís so much of a honesty for us, you know, and I think thatís why we write out of our journals because a lot of people go, ďHow did you do that? Why did you write from your journals? Itís such a, itís such a private part of you. Why-why would you do that?Ē And for us, itís just, itís honesty. You know, itís showing people that just because weíre artists, doesnít mean weíre these perfect people who have our lives altogether. In fact weíre probably more messed up!

We just want to be honest with people and say, you know, weíre all going through the same thing. Letís all get honest with each other and admit whatís really going on so that we can grow, so that we stop putting all these-these faces of, ďoh, Iím okay, Iím fine, Iím put togetherĒ and just admit that itís through our brokenness that God will do His greatest work, so, thatís-thatís what we want to write about.

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