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Cultural News
Survivors: Quake Was God's Blessing in Disguise
Amidst the devastation and immense human suffering in Haiti, some of its people are responding with faith. As the sun begins to set over the capital city of Port-au-Prince, a few hours of Heaven comes down on a corner of the devastated city...read more
Pro-Life Leaders to Protest Abortion 'Supercenter'
Several prominent pro-life leaders are rallying in Houston, Texas on Monday to protest what will be the largest abortion clinic in the western hemisphere. ...read more
Vietnam Churches Reach Out to Country's Addicts
HO CHI MINH, Vietnam - Christians in Vietnam are reaching out to those lost in a world of drugs and despair....read more
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Music News
Multiple GRAMMY ® Nominee Gungor Selling Out Major Cities On Headline Spring Tour
With numerous honors and stellar reviews for their latest album, Ghosts Upon the Earth, it is no surprise that three-time GRAMMY ® nominated group Gungor is selling out shows...read more
New Music From The Afters To Appear in the Upcoming Feature Film October Baby
Fans looking for an early preview of new music from chart-topping foursome The Afters will have their chance later this month as the band’s song “Life Is Beautiful” is featured in the upcoming feature film October Baby. ...read more
Music Icon Steven Curtis Chapman Collects 16th GRAMMY ® Nomination for No. 1 Hit “Do Everything”
The already five-time GRAMMY ® award-winning multi-platinum selling artist Steven Curtis Chapman garnered the 16th GRAMMY ® nomination of his prolific 20+ year career....read more
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Attacks Continue on Churches in India
29 September 2008

Despite a promise of security from the Chief Minister of the Government of Karnataka, Christians are being attacked by Hindu radicals, and their churches vandalized.

According to a story on www.persecution.in, the violence has also spread to the neighboring states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

According to the web site, a church was attacked and burned in Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore, at about 10.30 p.m. on Sept. 26.

The incident occurred after a prayer meeting. A small number of Hindu radicals attacked Gospel Bethel Assembly of God Church, doused the facility with kerosene and burned Bibles, hymn books and the pulpit.

Neighbors responded quickly and managed to douse the blaze.

The story reported that a complaint was filed the following morning at Yelahanka New Town police station.

In another incident on the same day, Hindu radicals broke open the glass of Our Lady's Grotto at the Sacred Heart Church at Shambur in Bantwal Taluk late Friday night

According to www.persecution.in, two attacks on churches took place in Tamil Nadu. Tarteted were St. Xavier's Church in Nagercoil and St. Aloysius Church in Erode.

In Erode, Dharapuram town, Western Tamil Nadu, a church was vandalized by radicals in the early morning hours of Sept 26. The story said the front part of the church was destroyed.

In addition, a statue of the infant Jesus kept in the damaged area of the church sustained minor damages. A report was filed, but no arrests had been made at the time of writing.

The story also reported that a similar incident was reported from Kanniykumari District, where vandals damaged a statue of the Virgin Mary in St. Xavier's Church in Nagercoil

Also according to www.persecution.in, in Kerala State, a church was reportedly attacked and its windows broken near Alleppey on Sept 24.

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