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Hi, Iím Miriam and this is My World.

I was born in Vienna and baptized into the Protestant faith. But just on paper. My family hardly ever went to church and I always though God was just human imagination. I even read the Bible onceÖjust to make sure there was no God.

Later, while I was studying medicine I got to know a girl at my favorite coffee shop. We became friends. She told me her father was a pastor. I remember feeling really sorry for her because she believed in something that I thought didnít even exist. After hours of debating she finally told me that I should pray to God and ask Him who He really is. I just laughed at her.

It always fascinated me to see that people actually believe in prayer. I thought of challenging God to prove to myself that God didnít exist. I remember praying to God, ĎĒf You really exist, reveal Yourself in such a way that I may understand.Ē

The next day I forgot about the whole thing and hit the road to drive to my parentís house for Christmas. The weather was horrible. There was so much snow that it was difficult to drive. Suddenly the car in front of me went into a skid because the driver tried to avoid a broken down car on the highway. I couldnít react in time, and lost control of my car. I headed towards the broken down car at full speed. There was nothing I could do. All of a sudden, my car spun and slid through a narrow gap between the broken down car and another car that was out of control. I pulled over and realized what had just happened.

It was then that I remembered my prayer from the night before. I felt God speaking to me through this experience. I immediately called my friend and told her what had happened. I told her I believed in God now. Later I found out that 25 cars were involved in that accident. The gap where my car slid through, was actually narrower than the width of my car. Only because of Godís protection, I escaped from that accident without any harm, and was able to spend Christmas with my family.

I accepted God into my life. I have a real relationship with Him. I experience His love daily in so many different ways. I decided to study at a Bible school to learn more about Jesus and grow in my relationship with Him. God proved to me how real He is and changed my life completely. I have a better relationship with my parents now. I am active in my church and love working there.

God has given me so much happiness in my life more than I could ever imagine. I want people who donít believe in God to know how real He is and experience Him just as I have experienced Him. He desires to give us the best in life, more than we can ever dream of.

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