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Verbs - Mutal
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Verbs - Mutal

Being able to go outside of the States you get to grasp a global picture of what God is doing just around the world. And that just makes you Ė it makes you more excited Ďcause youíre a part of something that, you know, a movement that God is doing. And itís like everybody needs to know about the Gospel. Everybody needs to know that God has a purpose for their life. And people Ė thereís people that donít know that Ė and so the more people you see that donít know, that gives you more of a drive and compels you where to go-want to tell those people that.

And especially with a music like hip-hop and just the culture, how globally itís just accepted and received just like to be able to use this as a medium to bring that message is just like, I mean, Iím humbled like every day Ďcause thereís a lot of people who just rap, but when you go forth rapping or doing hip-hop music with a purpose behind it then itís like the opportunities are limitless of what God has for you. If you have a gift then itís going to be up to you to find a purpose for why you use your gift. So I think, just like any other culture, thereís bad parts of it that need to be redeemed, but at the heart of it I think itís gifts and I think talents that God has place inside people to be able to, again, further whatever their given purpose is, you know in Him.

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