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From the Brink of Hell
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From the Brink of Hell

I was raised in a family of doctors and lawyers. And it seems to me that I was supposed to follow the same road. But everything I did at that time was rebellion. It was a strong motive, very strong, very powerful."

Famous Model

And that rebellion would lead Jules Huys from his home in Belgium to Paris. There, he would become an internationally known fashion model. Money and fame were not far behind. Jules' image graced the covers of most of the major fashion magazines -- including Monde and Vogue.

In addition, his professional portfolio included promotional spots and television commercials for Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Armani, Garnier, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi.

Not Enough

Jules had finally achieved what he had always wanted -- an independent life, money and prestige. But with fame came temptation and emptiness.
"I should have been the happiest person in the world," said Jules, "but no, I was desperate and lonely."
Jules turned to alcohol to fill the growing emptiness inside. And when the alcohol failed to satisfy?
Jules turned to cocaine, hoping to find something that would bring peace to his troubled soul.

'It became ... hell.'

"After that it became a real hell," said Jules.
Next he turned to prostitutes, spending large amounts of money each month to satisfy his cravings.
"The only affection I knew was a prostitute that took me into her arms," said Jules. "I became really addicted to sex, like somebody is addicted to drugs like heroin or cocaine. From the moment you don't take it, you absolutely get nuts/crazy.
"I was seriously considering becoming involved in the pornographic industry. But there was a conviction in my heart. I knew that if I would take this step, it was finished. It was a free fall. It was absolutely…there was no way back."

A Broken Man

"The first time I met Jules it was in the Armani show," said Sylvie. "So, at that time he was very well known. He was a star in Paris."
For many years, the young woman Sylvie moved in and out of Jules' life. But finally, Sylvie saw something different when she met up with him.
"He was a broken man," she said. "He was broken."


"I started to do, for the first time maybe in my life, an introspection," said Jules. "What am I doing? Where am I going? What is my life?"
Alcohol, drugs and prostitutes had finally taken their toll on Jules -- financially, physically and emotionally.
"It was really like I was dying," he said.
Jules began to reach out to Sylvie for help. She challenged him to read a book by Billy Graham and a Bible that she gave to him. ' ... I met God.'
"I had a job in Barcelona," said Jules. "As always, I was flying in the business class." Jules had a modeling appointment in Barcelona. He says that, for some reason, he felt unusually calm and at peace with himself.
"At that time, I took this book again," said Jules, "and for some reason I started to look in it again, but only for a very short time. That's the experience where I met God, and the plane in a way disappeared. It was like a vision. I was surrounded by a love I cannot describe. Who? Who is loving me in this way? Who is speaking to me? Who is showing me what I see? God! God is speaking to me!"


Jules says he was unaware of much else happening on board the plane that day. However, he says one thing he clearly remembers is God speaking to him, saying, "I love you as you are, but I love you too much to leave you as you are."
At 30,000 feet above sea level, Jules Huys says he had an encounter with God accepting his forgiveness for his many sins, and he surrendered control of his life to Jesus.
"At that moment the presence was so powerful," said Jules, "the love and the peace, that I said, 'Wow, Jesus, You died for me. You came to earth to die for me. You are real! You are not a story! You are alive! You are risen!'"

Escaped Hell

Jules Huys says without a shadow of doubt that if Jesus had not intervened in his life, he knows he would be in hell.
"I think I would have died," said Jules, "and my soul would be in a place where I would not want to send my worst enemy."
Jules is now married to Sylvie -- the person God used to introduce him to the love of Jesus Christ. Today they still model… together! And burning in them is a passion to share the love of Jesus, especially in the fashion and entertainment industries.
"There is a hope," said Jules. "Whatever the situation is, there is a hope. There is an answer. There is Somebody that cares, and He is very near. It's a lie that He's very far away. That person is Jesus.

Source: CBNWorldReach

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