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Hi, my name is Marton Joob and this is My World.

I was born into a loving family as the second of six children. Our home was always filled with the love and the peace of God. I got saved at the age of 11.

I started canoeing at 11 and I soon found out that God wanted to really bless me in this field. Through God’s grace, the hard work resulted in first places at the European and World Juvenile Championships. After graduating from High School, I married my wife Dori, and in that same year I won my first world championship title.

In 2005 our daughter and in 2006 our son were born. My coach and teammates thought it was impossible to be successful in a professional sport with a family.

I had to work besides doing training. This gave us financial stability, but it also meant a huge obstacle to my canoeing training. I managed to qualify for world championships but I couldn't win a position. I was thinking of stepping away from the sport because I thought it is no use doing it without achieving the first three positions. I prayed: God, I lay my life into your hand. I will compete for your glory. Please give me your strength and use me for your glory!

After this I qualified for two races at the Kayak-Canoe world championship. I felt an extraordinary peace although we were not the probable winners. The 200 meter race started. We felt the rhythm in a special way and we didn’t dare to even look around us, but just kept on paddling. It was a tight race but when we heard the Hungarian fans screaming, we knew that we had won the race. We were very happy.

A few hours later we were standing on the starting line for the 500 meter race. Usually half distance is the point where we start losing our strength, but now something extraordinary happened. Our strength was renewed in a way that we had never experienced before. We gained more and more distance from the others. I have never competed like this before. Finally won that race! Glory to God!

I have experienced God’s support and faithfulness not only during these races, but in every area of my life. It’s because of Him that I am in this place in my life. My wife and I are expecting our third child now. I am reminded of a verse in Psalm 128: "Behold, that thus shall the man be blessed that feared the LORD”

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