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I became a Christian about ten years ago and I was completely unprepared for the fact that God could use this rock and roll thing that Iíd been giving my life for all those years before that, you know? So it took me a long time to figure out that DC Talk was doing the right thing, you know? So Iím a recent convert to that idea.

Weíve seen in our own lives how popular music in general has had so much impact on how the Gospel is presented, you know? So thereís just no way you can deny the fact that what the potency of the combination of rock and roll and the Gospel message, it is a great medium.

Rock music definitely isnít an evil thing in itself. The lifestyle that comes with it is pretty dodgy if itís just in the mainstream. Just pursuing rock and roll for its own end, you know. But when you couple that with the Gospel, itís a pretty amazing way to live, you know? Weíre doing what we love to do. Weíre doing hopefully what weíre good at. And itís singing about something we completely have given our lives for.

We do the expressive side of worship, where you actually physically open your mouth and express your feelings towards God and obviously through the medium of music. But worship really is your lifestyle. And every day we should wake up wanting to honor God, and wanting to live out what it means to be a Christian in every way. The way you deal with people is worship, you know. Youíre either honoring God, or youíre not. And we just feel really blessed to be able to do it through the medium of music and to lead other people in that direction.

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