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Monica Rocha

Hello, I'm Monica Rocha and this is My World.

I grew up in a normal home with my parents and my brothers, however, I had a very sad because childhood I suffered of sexual abuse, and that made me a very unsociable girl, I got depressed all the time and I constantly had a bad relationship with my high school classmates, I was very apathetic, it was hard to be social with the children. I was always under the shadow of my friends. That hurt me, got me frustrated. It was hard to talk about these things.

When I reached the adolescence, I realized that my body type didnīt fit into the standards of the world. And that made me a very aggressive person, I couldnīt accept myself and that started to turn my self esteem into a very low one and I also had many emotional problems in that area too.

All this made me start looking for spiritual experiences along with my mom and so we started visiting groups. I got involved in the part of the metaphysics, in the new age stuffs, we practice foretelling, card reading, and this also began to make more difficult my life, I began to experience strange things happening straight to me, I began to feel presences in my room, things were moving inside the house, I start to think that I was going to lose my mind due to this supernatural experiences, but there were things happening to me that led me to have many, many more depression problems. And one night I felt paralyzed by fear, I felt suffocated, I was feeling hanged without being able to move, and suddenly I mentioned the name of Jesus, and all this disappear, and I thought: this name must have something important because this is not so normal.

I talked with my aunt who is Christian and she told me: Jesus is looking for. God really loves you, God is interested in your life, and He can take away all the fears of your life, He can remove all the frustrations and also that He could restore my life. I realized that God had transformed my life, I understood that and I want more off it, I began to accept myself. God wasnīt asking me to follow the standards of the world. I knew that He consider me beautiful and I also understood that God had created me; He loved me more than any creature on Earth and He had a purpose for my life.

Today I am married and have a beautiful daughter. I enjoyed my family, God has been rewarding my life and I change all the pain, all the sadness into a lot more bigger love, with a much greater happiness every day, and I also found in my profession a real way to thank God for all the things I have learned from him, today I can say I am happy, that God has changed my life, and all that sad things have become part of the past, and now I am new person.

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Name:Monica Rocha
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