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Storyside B on Their Song "Miracle"
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Storyside B on Their Song "Miracle"

That was the first song we wrote. Jordan actually met me -- I was playing with a different band at the time and he came to one of my gigs. And I was doing a lot of producing. And he said, “Listen, I’ve got this song and I would like you to hear it.” So we went out to his car on one of my set breaks. And I-I loved it immediately. I said please send it to me. And I thought, you know, at the time that maybe I was going to produce him or try to get a band together for him. And he said to me and-and knowing how strong he was in his faith and me really trying to -- wanting to get back into -- ‘cause I had been just doing the wrong thing for a while. And uh it seemed like God just took the pen in my hand and started writing because the lyrics were written in about fifteen minutes.

And I saw this as an opportunity ‘cause I had been almost giving up on artistry because I was so just jaded by the industry and the way it was leading my life and stuff. And the problem was I didn’t have God in-in my artistry.

And it’s really, you know, an opportunity every day that we’ve got to recommit our lives to God. It’s a strength, it’s a blessing but it also, you know, it is a weakness that comes, you know, that -- ‘cause a -- you’re afraid to sort of get back into your old ways. But, that’s pretty much what the song is about.

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