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Stephanie Smith- Broken Relationships
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Stephanie Smith- Broken Relationships

Not afraid is a really special song to me. I wrote it after leaving a relationship that was kind of hard, it wasnít necessarily a bad relationship, but I just felt like God was kind of calling me to his heart at that time, where he was just saying, ďStephanie, this is you and me.Ē Although I was leaving, you know, a relationship, I wasnít alone, I was walking right into the Lordís arms. So there was nothing to fear in that invitation, basically, so. I grew up just my mom and my brother and I. My mom raised both my brother and I. She worked really hard and provided everything she could for us. But when I was 14, I met my dad for the first time, and it was pretty much a train wreck .He ended up calling me the wrong name in his introductions. The first words he said to me, he said, ďPriscilla,Ē and it really broke my heart and I carried that wound with me, you know, into high school and dealt with things like depression and some image issues and uh a lot of which may have been rooted in that, but God just really freed my heart from that. When I was 19, I met him for a second time and the reconciliation kind of began there. For the first time I felt like I loved him, but then beyond that, I forgave him. And the freedom that came with that forgiveness, it was like someone had just cut the chains to love him when, you know, maybe he didnít ask for it and didnít necessarily deserve it was probably a very Christlike, or one of the biggest Christlike steps I had taken in my short life. And uh, so Godís been walking me through a lot of that forgiveness uh even still. And yet, the Lord has always been my abba. I never went through a phase where I had trouble seeing God as father; Iíve always had a really special relationship with the Lord. And my mom was wonderful in, you know, directing me as a young child to the Lord, the father of all.

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