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Hi, I’m Leo and this is My World. I grew up in a mixed Hungarian Romanian Protestant home. I grew up with the teachings and stories from the Bible. I knew there was a God, but He wasn’t really alive and active to me in my life.

Throughout the years, my father had struggled with the pressures of taking care of our family. He had gone through different jobs and was dealing with a lot of stress and disappointment. It ended up overwhelming him so much that when I was 14 he took his own life. This devastated my whole family. We were hurt and I was so angry at God that He took my father away from me that I decided I didn’t want that kind of God in my life.

In the summer before the last year of my high school, a pastor I knew asked me to be a translator at an event called ‘youth exchange’. It was a good time, and I actually met a girl from Holland at that event. After she left to go back home we stayed in touch and eventually started a relationship. She was very different and the more I got to know her the more I was impressed with her lifestyle and her love and passion for God.

During one Christmas her family invited me out to Holland to spend the holidays with them. While I was there I became more interested in her relationship with God. She took me to a youth church one night, and seeing all those people so passionate for God and so happy, it touched me in a very real way. In my growing up and my knowledge of God, I had never known that a relationship with Him could be like this.

After the holidays were over I headed to Germany to visit my Uncle, and during the trip I was so overwhelmed with sadness that I started crying. After I arrived at the train station, my uncle wasn’t there to pick me up and I couldn’t call him because I lost my cell phone. I broke down. I took my luggage somewhere off to the side where I could be alone. As soon as I sat down I began to cry again. Very heavily I was sad and felt alone.

When I finally stopped crying and got myself together, I looked over and saw a book next to me on the bench. I picked it up and looked at the title. It was the New Testament of the Bible; I couldn’t believe it. I opened it up and started to read it. This feeling suddenly came over me, it was peace and joy. It brought me so much comfort. God reveled Himself to me at that moment, and came to my rescue. I experienced how real God is at that train station.

From that point on I began to pursue a relationship with Him. I love Him so much and I am so thankful for all that he has done for me. He used a girl to help me see a real him. And I experienced in Him a Father that I have never had. A real, loving, caring, and wonderful father

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