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My name is Catherine Garcia, and this is My World.

Since I was little, I went church every Sunday like something normal for my family, but for me God was something distant and apart.

I become super rebellious, this was a reflection of the situation in my family, my dad and my mom didnīt have a good marriage, they were always fighting and I never got to see my dad because he was always working.

I went through many colleges and all of them came out with problems. I went to college with the freedom of time, I felt like I was the queen of the world with the permission to do whatever I wanted. I started consuming alcohol, smoking, drugs, and party a lot, and besides that I ended up a 4 years relationship, my heart was over broken, so I also took that as an excuse for getting more deeper in all sorts of vices.

But my mom still was forcing me to go to church and no matter what, every Sunday I had to get up early, with a headache because the party, or whatever, but I didnīt feel the need.

After a while, my mom talk to me and told me: I will no longer make you go to church, it's your decision, and it’s your life. I began to feel that something was missing in my life, I knew in the bottom of my heart that this need was God, but I didnīt want to accept it, and said: okay, I will go to church, but because I wanted.

I donīt know how God did it, I just knew that I gave him my life and I started to change, and started to see the world differently. I hang out with my friends but I didnīt like the same plans as before, I felt like run away from where I was, the alcohol began to hurt me and I was no longer in need of the drugs.

After a while I met who is now my husband. I felt that it wasnīt good enough for him, because he never smoke, or use any kind of drug, or party, so I thought it was bad. But God made me realize that all my sins were in the past, and that He makes us new people.

Three years later, we got married. And a year and a half later of married, I got diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

That was very difficult for me, I felt disappointed by God, I didnīt understand why something like that had to happen to me, if I am a young person. Stuff like this doesnīt happen the young people, and didnīt felt fair for me, neither my family nor anyone. Finally I got a surgery, a treatment called iodine-therapy and I thought that was enough, but a year later I was told I had to repeat the procedure. When I hear that I cried, I got despair, I wanted to run away, it was a very ugly situation, but somehow I felt that God was holding my hand and knew that never, never, never is going to let me go

Now I understand that God wanted to teach me something, He wanted to transform me, make me a better person. Thanks to what happened, I now appreciate my family, I value things like seeing, speaking, walking, and things we see as normal but they are a gift. Now after all this time, I do not understand how as a teenager I live so many years away from God. God changed my life, came into my life and transformed.

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