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Mary Mary - Perspective
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Mary Mary - Perspective

What would I say? I would say to people that God is everything, really and truly. Without Him, weíre nothing.

A lot of times we depend on our own strengths, what we know, who we know, what we have. But when all of that is not working in your favor and you have God in your favor, itís nothing like it. God can do what people canít do, what money canít do -- doctors, lawyers, whoev -- it doesnít matter who youíre connected to, what your situation, what your condition is. When you believe that God can for you, He will.

But if you donít believe, then it wonít happen for you. You first -- you must have faith. You must try God and know that He is real. He is the source of strength in every area of my existence. And when things happen and Iím like, you know, what if I believe this because this is what Iíve been taught, you know, and then I pray a prayer and Iím saying things to God that nobody hears -- itís me in my empty house -- just me and the walls and the furniture -- and Iím talking to God. And suddenly these things that Iíve been asking God -- and Iím coming to Him not like so look here ... Iím like for real, God, like I need you. Iím having a situation like nothing and no one can help me. I need you. I need to feel your presence. I need to know that you are real. I need the power of God to affect me in some kind of way right now. And God never leaves me hanging. Might not always happen like instantly or whateverÖ

Mary Mary

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