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Cultural News
Survivors: Quake Was God's Blessing in Disguise
Amidst the devastation and immense human suffering in Haiti, some of its people are responding with faith. As the sun begins to set over the capital city of Port-au-Prince, a few hours of Heaven comes down on a corner of the devastated city...read more
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Survivors: Quake Was God's Blessing in Disguise
18 January 2010

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- Amidst the devastation and immense human suffering in Haiti, some of its people are responding with faith.

As the sun begins to set over the capital city of Port-au-Prince, a few hours of Heaven comes down on a corner of the devastated city

CBN News Senior Reporter George Thomas is in Haiti. Watch for his reports on "The 700 Club." Check local listings and also watch for his reports on the CBN Newschannel. David Darg is the director of International Disaster Relief and Special Projects for Operation Blessing International. He is with the OB team currently in Haiti. Click here to read his blog.

A few miles from the quake's epicenter, men, women and children, most of whom have lost everything, are singing "Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine."

"Many people are coming to Christ, even before the preaching begins, people are walking forward and turning their lives over to Jesus," said Pastor Janet of the Church of God in Port-au-Prince.

Janet knows a thing or two about preaching. For the last few years, she has pastored the 3,000-member Church of God congregation. But now the quake has caused hardship for the church.

"The church building started to sway from side to side," she said. "We had 250 people there that day preparing to take baptism. We all just rushed to the door."

But six did not make it out in time and were killed. Pastor Janet lost her home. She too has become one among the hundreds of people in the community that now has a new place to call home.

"The Lord told me that the church had to continue despite the hardships," she added. "So now we hold these worship services in the tent area everyday."

For 41-year-old Himide Oreste and her eight children, the daily gatherings have brought new life.

"I decided to give my life to Jesus Christ yesterday for the first time," Oreste said. "I know He saved me and my family from the earthquake."

For others like Mathurin Wislin, surviving the earthquake means a second chance.

"I walked away from God many years ago, but since the earthquake, I've re-dedicated my life to Him," Wislin said.

This is music to the ears of Pastor Janet who believes God is going to use this tragedy to draw more people to Him.

"Haiti has always been known as a nation of voodoo followers," Pastor Janet said. "But I'm praying that will change. Everyone in our church has been fasting since the day of the earthquake, asking the Lord to restore our nation so that we can one day be a light for Jesus."

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