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Hi My name is Anouchka, and this is My World

I grew up in a very loving family in Brussels, but I didnít have a personal relationship with God. Regardless of what my cousin was telling me in regards to Christís love, and his ability to forgive all our sins, this whole ďGodĒ and ďForgivenessĒ thing was totally strange to me. I just lived my life until I was 15 years old.

I had a strange dream one night. I was standing in front of a cave, where all sorts of creepy sounds were coming from. I went inside, and I found myself in a place that looked like a sanctuary. I saw 12 people, all clothed in black, around an alter, where they were getting ready to sacrifice someone that I couldnít really recognize. Couple days later, I went to the hospital, because I had some severe headaches. After a bunch of tests, and a MRI, the doctors didnít find any anomalies, so they decided to send me back home. My Aunt, who is a Christian, came to visit us, and spent the night praying for me. The following day, she told me that there was a spirit of Death that was coming after me, and wanted to end my life. I never spoke to anyone about my dream. I finally realized that it was me on that alter, and that God wanted to reveal himself to me. And so I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

The following years, I applied myself to build a relationship with God. I found answers to my questions.

At 22, I learned that I had cancer. During that time, my relationship with God became stronger. I started to read His word on a regular basis, and to really hold on to it. I realized that I needed to surrender all to Him.

During this trial, my faith blossomed. I finally understood that God had a plan for my life, and that he could actually heal me. While accepting Godís will, I declared that this disease was not going to dictate my life. I was holding on to God, and not to what the doctors were sayingÖI was holding on to the promises of Christ.

Today, because of Godís love, and his compassion, Iím in remission. I believe in all my heart that this cancer totally disappeared. This disease gave me the opportunity to share my faith with those that are going through similar experiences. I could have died, but Iím still living because of Godís grace.

My desire if for other people to know that God exists, that He can do anything, and that He can heal!

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