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Sanctus Real- "I'm Not Alright"
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Sanctus Real- "I'm Not Alright"

We had this demo and it was actually called “I’ll Be Fine.” And when we started trying to work on this song, it just was not feeling right, nobody’s really buying it, basically, you know. And that is the truth behind it. We were singin’ it. We were all just-- It was fake and it was sugar coated and it was typical. And so we sat down with our producer. He got on the piano and he was like, alright guys, just try to sing through this, try to think about your feelings and what we really want to say. It was before long we were just like, you know what? We’re not okay. We’re emotionally burned out, totally spent. We don’t know what’s going to happen next, so, we’re really not alright. And that’s how that song kind of evolved The upside of that is that I believe that every event that takes place in our lives, good and bad, God uses to lead us to where we’re supposed to be. It’s not just a message of, you know, pain or suffering, you know. It’s also a message of those things that are actually instruments that God uses in our lives. Circumstances that mold us and shape us and make us what we’re supposed to be, you know? I think uh, just through everything we’ve been through this past year, just, I think what I’ve learned the most is that God is in control even when everything is absolutely out of control.

And when everything seems like it’s working against you in some way or another just the fact that we know that God is still for us and that He still loves and that He still is going to be faithful no matter what, even when we’re not faithful. Even when we’re in the good times where we just feel like sayin’, God, this whole thing just stinks and I’m about done with it. Even in those times when you just feel like throwin’ all away, God is still faithful and wants to just reach down to wherever you are, whatever pile of mud you’re sittin’ in and just pick you up again and wash you off and heal your heart. And so, I think that’s what I’ve learned, just how much God really does love us and is willing to reach through all the junk to-to get us out again.

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