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Where is God when we need Him? We all have those times when we are in desperate need of a word from above, whether itís concerning a life changing decision, or just wanting to know that God is really up there listening when we cry out to Him.

Moses heard from God through a burning bush, Mary and Joseph heard from God through a dream! Why canít it be that easy for me?? But, I have come to realize that God doesnít always speak to us in a loud booming voice, accompanied by a dove descending from the sky. I think that God is still trying to speak, but we have gotten to the point where we can no longer hear Him.

We fill our lives with so much junk; television, internet, cell phones, loud music, and just the fast paced life that we enjoy living. Iím not saying that we all need to give away our ipods, and ban television. Iím askingÖ when was the last time you were quiet? When was the last time that you shut everything off, and just listened for God?

One day I was really struggling with a decision I needed to make, and no matter how much I prayed about the situation, I wasnít getting any relief. I was so desperate for some answers that I went in my closet, turned the light off, and got on my knees. I just cried out to God, with tears streaming down my face and I just sat there. It was pitch black, and completely silent, and all I could hear was my fan going outside the door. I stopped praying, and I sat. And I waited. I didnít hear an audible voice from God. But a couple of verses popped into my head, and I quote them every time I am going through something rough. The first verse was:

Psalm 46:10- "Be STILL, and know that I am GodĒ

I was desperately trying to find answers, and all I was getting, was ďBe Still.Ē And then I realized that that WAS the answer. I was constantly trying to figure out my life on my own, when all God wanted was for me to put everything aside and seek him, knowing that He has it all in control. Even when I donít understand what His plan is. Here is where the second verse came in:

Philippians 4:7- And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I felt a sudden peace come over me. All I have to do is have faith, and be at peace with the fact that God knows what Heís doing, and I donít have to understand why. I just need to take a step back, make Him a priority, and let Him control my life.

God has planned out every moment of our lives before we were born, so I think that He may know how to handle things better. I have tried many times to do life on my own, and I only end up disappointed and heartbroken. From now on, I know to put God at the center of my lifeÖ not on the side lines. I can have peace in knowing that he knows whatís best for me. My challenge for you is to stop looking so hard for answers to your questions. Instead, let God take control. All you have to do is be stillÖ and listen.

Morgan Pride- One Cubed Staff

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