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ABS-CBN 2 - 12:30 AM Friday
TBN - 10:00 PM Monday

Host Bio

Joaquin Valdez
“Find your passion and do everything you can to get it because God put it there for a reason.”
– Joaquin Valdez, 1Cubed Philippines veejay

His full name is JOAQUIN GOMEZ VALDEZ. Call him Joax. This guy’s only 21 and is based in Manila, Philippines. Joax has been veejaying 1Cubed Philippines for over a year now, yet it looks like he’s been part of the cast for the longest time. He’s been cruising as guest artist until he was asked to come on board its regular gig in September last year. When asked how’s it like to be working with the team of 1Cubed, Joax says it’s always good to share the same vision, the same faith and the same goals. He says it’s easy to lift each other up and even to ignore offenses. Joax knows that being in 1Cubed goes beyond personal motives, saying that the cause now becomes advancing God’s Kingdom, making disciples and raising up leaders.

Joax’s jampacked sked is a diverse yet exhilarating mix of school, work and church. You can see him actively doing small group Bible studies or belting it out in the music team. Pick any day and most likely you’ll catch him hosting the morning show Breakfast Supersize over at Studio 23, working on his upcoming solo album, or training twice weekly with his school’s Dragonboat Team. This guy’s passionate on just about anything you can think of.

For starters, Joax gorges on food with much gusto. He loves to feast on Filipino treats like paksiw, bicol express, sinangag, kare-kare, sisig and Asian dishes like Japanese and Korean recipes. Then he gets hyped up listening to soul, rock, blues, R&B, classical, jazz, new wave and swing. And watch out, he digs the sound of Stevie Wonder, Sting, U2, Phil Collins and Jamiroquai.

If he’s not training or hosting, Joax gets his mind filled with action-packed reads. He admits he’s quite a sucker for World War II history books, D-day themes, the Chronicles Series by C.S. Lewis, Wild at Heart by John Eldridge and Joshua Harris’ double classics I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Not Even A Hint.

Up close, Joax has a thing for writing poetry and songs, his first song going back to high school. And when he was part of 17:28, a boy band launched in 2000, he composed and performed the song “Come Breath Me” in 2002 for Star Records. Joax was part of this gig for 3 years until he left to try his own sound. Now he’s currently working on his solo release under EMI Records, trying out different grooves and collaborating with other artists.

And if that’s not enough, he’s also a true-blue, certified film buff. He’s bent on going to formal training when he takes up a course in Film at the State University. Joax says he goes for not-your-usual films like Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, Walking Life, A Beautiful Mind, Lord of the Rings, Big Fish and Almost Famous. Further proof of that unorthodox streak is his choice of film directors the likes of whom are Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Cameron Crowe, Ron Howard and Peter Jackson.

With everything up his sleeves, Joax never seems to lose steam of the very reason why he’s doing ALL these stuff. “Gifts and passions are there for a reason,” he confesses. “Other people say you’re crazy—but some people are called to do four to five things at the same time. I believe that’s what God blessed me to do so I want to continue to do it excellently as I can until He changes the course.”

Mish Ballesca

Mish is no stranger to TV and the performing arts. She has appeared in numerous TV commercials including Palmolive Natural Shampoo, Pond's Clear Pore Strips, J&J face powder, Whisper Ultrathin, Wendy's, Greenwich and Globe. She has sung in a concert featuring Barbie's Cradle and Mojofly and did the opening act for an Ana Fegi concert. She has also appeared in several plays and has been trained by Audie Gemora, Menchu Lauchengco and Kata Inocencio. "I just want to reach out to the youth," answered Mish when asked why she joined "One Cubed." "Music is one of my greatest passion. I believe that God has called me to be involved in TV so I stepped out in faith."

Jose Villanueva

Jose appreciates a wide range of music from alternative rock to R&B, new soul and hiphop. He counts Kirk Franklin, Katinas and Sonicflood as his favorite contemporary Christian artists. But Jose not only appreciates music, he writes and produces songs as well. “Music gave me the freedom to express myself,” says he. As part of Turbulence Productions, he has written several songs that reflect his viewpoint. Asked why he joined “One Cubed” Jose answered, “God called us to be ambassadors, to speak what he wants us to speak. I believe ‘One Cubed’ is a venue, a stage, where God can hone me to speak to people.”


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Name:Joaquin Valdez, Mish Ballesca & Jose Villanueva
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