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Air times
Chic Channel UBC 20- Saturday 5:00PM
Chic Channel UBC 20- Monday 2:30PM
Chic Channel UBC 20- Wednesday 10:30AM
Chic Channel UBC 20- Friday 7:30AM

Host Bio

Hi!!! My name is Karen Klongtruadroke. The first day I opened my eyes and took a look at this world was on December 8, 1982. That makes me 22 years old. Right now, I am in my fourth year at Mahidol University International College majoring in Bio-medical science. One of the things I really like doing when I have free time or while I’m driving my car is listen to music so I was thrilled when I was chosen to be the host of one cubed Thailand. I have seen the youth of Thailand being very influenced by TV, from the music they listen all the way to what they wear. Having one cubed in Thailand is so exciting because Christian youth here have very little access to foreign Christian music and now the youth can have a Christian show dedicated to them. I believe that having Thai youth listen to songs that give encouragement, give hope, give comfort will enable them to know that when they are troubled and feel as if there is no way out, God is watching over them to help them and waiting with open arms for them to run into His love and rest. Hope all of you love the show!!!

Nationality: Thai/Italian

Favorite food: I really like both Italian and Thai cuisine

Favorite music: All kinds

Favorite fast food chain: Well, we don’t have much variety in Thailand so I guess that out of all of the ones we have I like Burger King

Favorite music video: “More to Life” Stacie Orrico

Favorite songs: “Sea of Faces”, “More to Life” and many more

Favorite sport: Ice Skating

Favorite TV show: CSI

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