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Puerto Rico
Air times
TELECARIBE - 8:30 AM Sunday
TV Guayana - 7:30 PM Saturday

Ch. 2 - 2:30 PM Monday
Ch. 2 - 10:00 PM Sunday

Hidalgo 3 - 11:00 AM Saturday
Hidalgo 3 - 11:00 AM Sunday

Ch-54 - 7:00 PM Saturday
Ch-54 - 6:00 PM Friday

Host Bio

Bursting into the television industry at the age of 19, Gabo’s career took off when he became the host of “Nada Que Ver.” His fun, adventurous personality made him an ideal spokesperson for the “exciting” Tijuana nightlife. If you can imagine, this was not a very uplifting career, but everyone starts somewhere, and Gabo was not always a Christian.

His mom was the first in the family to convert. Everyday she prayed that little by little her family would come to know Jesus in a personal way. She was the one that insisted that Gabo participate in a Christian youth event in Tijuana. The young people that he met had something special about them. Their love and positive mentality on life was contagious, and Gabo found himself wanting what they had. A couple of months later he was invited to a youth conference called VIVE. This is where he found what he was looking for-- Jesus Christ. In July of 2000 Gabo made the decision to ask Jesus for forgiveness and to live in him.

Once Gabo committed to living the straight and narrow, God started opening doors to Christian Television. He worked on a show called “Espacio Radioactivo.” This provided him with great opportunities within Christian show business and learning experiences such as “Arpa” Awards and Expolit.

Outside of television, Gabo has also served in his local church’s youth ministries program, providing him with the opportunity to grow in his ministry, his testimony, and his leadership.

Gabo’s greatest passion is young people and helping them find their full potential in their walk with God. He feels called to build these young people into spiritually capable leaders that are willing to take this generation to the next level with God. His vision is to see a youth that is passionate for Christ who will fight and stand up for what they believe.

Today God is still opening doors in Gabo’s life. Now, as the host for One Cubed, he will be used to reach out to the young people of Latin America and the US. He can’t wait to see what happens with this new chapter in his life.

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